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    Factory Settings

    Is there anyway of getting hold of the original HF 4 package for flashing? I don't dig HF 6 so much. edit : Scratch that request. Found one stored on HDD. Turns out flashing the new bootloader for using the new beta 1 or 1.1 kernals disables the touchscreen on HF4 installs in my experience at...
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    This Is Just Sad.

    You know what's sad? Coming back to discover tons of bitching, little more and even worse, the off topic archive appears to be deleted here due to endless SPAM!! Oh well.
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    Aliens Versus Predator Port?

    Really great to hear your still working on this project. I seem to recall you hit something of a brick wall of it crashing originally and then were perhaps without your Pandora/or still to receive one at all, so to hear you've had it running with fairly decent performance is awesome news. Good...
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    Should We Move Rot To The Official Pandora Boards?

    I voted yes but just posted (it failed to) exactly Caines sentiments. Advertise it on the OP board as its more active but ROT does belong here due to the cross platform. Just needs more attention/recruitment hence the yes vote.
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    About Replacement Styli

    I was largely skint, so purely backed Elton for the lowest amount, which got one pack of 4 four XStylus on the left. It seemed odd as the the left hand section with a blister pack bubble for a fully opened Xstylus was empty, yet 4 is the correct number. On the left is the Crystal Xstylus which...
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    About Replacement Styli

    Yeah mine arrived yesterday too :) Seem really nice, ergonomic, well built and fit the Pandora fine (though theres obviously room for a far larger Pandora Xstylus one day hint hint ;) ). The Crystal one is nice for playing Guncon games on PCSX-Re-Armed! Cheers Elton and best of luck for...
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    Release Arora Rift 32X

    Haven't played the Caanoo version but it looks great and I look forward to the commercial release. How far from completion do you think you are?
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    ^ You may find some instances of older versions working better for some games but in general the latest version is your first stop. its just always going to be the case that fixes for one one thing, may break another, so you have to experiment if you find a certain title isn't running aswell as...
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    Beta Lemmingsdl V0.9.9

    I'm just relaying her words but it certainly seems to control really well via touchscreen as ZXDunny had said in the other thread, its a game meant for that when it didn't exist back then.
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    Beta Lemmingsdl V0.9.9

    The 0.9.9 version you just linked, appears to work just fine. My wife is busy with the first few levels and I doubt I'll get the Pandora back for making guncon videos now ;) edit: So I made a quick video of her playing. Bad camera and lighting though but at least you can see it in use...
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    Season 2- Changes? Suggestions?

    I'm guilty of not seeing the last league through, due to family circumstances and no RL time but I'd certainly be interested in another league though and I second your intention to perhaps move it to the other consoles section of the Pandora boards, as frankly its darn quiet over this way these...
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    Left Sd Cerd Slot Isn't Working

    +1 to those sentiments. I held off PTOD rma for as long as possible, nub death etc. The Pandora just has such a feature rich control set, that you can somehow still not wrest yourself to part with her and the game catalogue and other general PC uses just keeps getting stronger. A lovely...
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    Release Pcsx-Rearmed

    Yeah that was the original list that many worked on back in this threads early days. It ended up trashed at one point and is probably pretty out of date now. Craigix wasn't too keen on it anyway, as he felt there were more unplayable titles than smooth ones, so it gave the Pandora a bad name...
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    What Percentage Of Batch 1 Pandoras Have Been Shipped So Far?

    Hi lobski, on the official boards ED made a post about the new plans here inside which he stated : "Altogether, there are 1200 preorders left (500 from me, 800 from Craig). This includes ALL preorders. Also...
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    Beta Remood - Doom 2 / 4 Multiplayer Split-Screen Mayhem

    The folk with TV out cables are going to love you :) Looks awesome :)
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    Playing Baldur's Gate Ii & Icewind Dale In Gemrb 0.4

    To autoset the cpu speed for gemrb you can either manually make an .ovr file in the same name/location as the PND (iirc) or use Caines excellent OVR editor & PND Aware Application launcher which makes it easy and fast. Screenshot Thread here...
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    Release The Fantastic Tale Of The Stolen Moon

    Had a quick crack at this last night and its charming. Many thanks for the port :)
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    Green Box Sale!

    Those cases look very good. Will have to get some funds together. Just thinking you should request getting your shop added here for new US customers that are unaware of the forums when they first find the...
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    That's abit scary but more than likely a clerical error in all the chaos, rather than a conspiracy to keep your cash. If you can get the phone number (perhaps PM Craigix on the official forum) as I cant find it on the website, you should ring through and see whats going on. Craig has recently...
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    My Pandora Won't Turn Off Or Restart

    Have you tried leaving the battery out for a long time? All I can think of there, as your pretty stuck for options bar a reflash / re-sd install if that fails, I would have thought.