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  1. mmielke

    [SOLD] Rebirth Pandora to sell-Need to keep a roof over my head

    I am in dire straits..I lost my client due to my own health issues leading to being unable to complete our contract. With that being said, I have rent that is seriously overdue and my cable internet service was shut off. With that being said, all I have of value besides my desktop is my Rebirth...
  2. mmielke

    How do I load games in Easy RPG?

    I've tried running several games of various sizes in Easy RPG and they either send me back to the desktop, or it says the database can't be found. The folders have Access databases in them. I put the RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 RTP folders in the directories mentioned on the repo, and also installed...
  3. mmielke

    Port Request: Cataclysm Tiles and Cataclysm Bug Fix Mod

    I would appreciate it if someone ported the Cataclsym Tiles (graphical interface) and Cataclysm Darkling Wolf Bug Fix) mods. Cataclysm was already ported, but these mods make things better. Cataclysm Tiles link : Darkling Wolf Mod: ...
  4. mmielke

    Android Gingerbread PND Info Request

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Android PND: 1. What type of graphics does the PND use? (Mali/Adreno/PowerVR/etc) 2. Where is the install data located? I would like to backup my game saves, but certain installs can't seem to be found. 3. How can I re-install a failed install? I...
  5. mmielke

    Release TailTale - Shippo no Puzzle

    Tail Tale is a block matching puzzle game similar to Tetris Attack and Puzzle League. Thanks to Pickle and Rikku2000 for this delightful release!,0,0,0,25,475
  6. mmielke

    Release BennuGD - Module Yeti 3D Pro (Ver. 2.3)

    The Pandora version of Yeti 3D Pro was released over at Open Handhelds.,0,0,0,19,474
  7. mmielke

    Alien Arena Port?

    Alien Arena is a game based off the Quake engine,runs on Linux, requires at least 128 MB of RAM (256MB suggested) and a 650 Mhz processor. Is it possible to port? email: alienrace(at)comcast(dot)net (I'm not sure if the email address is still valid or...
  8. mmielke

    Assault Cube Port?

    I was wondering if Assault Cube could be ported to the Pandora. It's an open-source FPS similar to Counter Strike, runs on Linux and only requires 192MB of RAM. Plus, we can definitely use more Multiplayer Pandora games.
  9. mmielke

    Getting Fallout and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall working

    I need some assistance getting Fallout and the Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall working on Dosbox. Fallout tells me that it can't run, and The Elder Scrolls:Daggerfall is giving me issues as well. I follow the mounting guide that comes with ES:DF, and it either tells me that it's already mounting or...
  10. mmielke

    .Jar games on the Pandora

    I was wondering if the Java port of Counter-Strike 2D will work on the Pandora. It's still in an early sate. but could someone test it? Download (The download might take a while to load)...
  11. mmielke

    Is there any way to make this run on the Pandora?

    I've been playing Counter Strike 2D for years, and was wondering if anyone could get it to run on the Pandora. It seems to meet all of the technical requirements, there is a Linux client, but it's not open-source. There's also an alpha version for Android and mobile phones. Technical...
  12. mmielke

    Uploading the rest of the "One Vid Per Day" videos

    I was wondering if you could upload the rest of the One Video Per Day videos, as I would like to download them from here.
  13. mmielke

    How Do I Get Scummvm To Save?

    I would like to know how to get ScummVM to save, as the Save Game and Load Game options are greyed out in the menu. I've tried different combinations of firmware and versions, as well as multiple SD cards and the menu options are still greyed out. A while back, I had an error that said it...
  14. mmielke

    Next Batch Status

    When is the next shipment due to arrive at Craigs? I've upgraded my order back in March (Upgrade queue #99), and I've noticed that we were up to #93. I know that the extra money was used to keep production going, but upgrades were supposed to be shipped sooner. Am I entitled to anything extra...
  15. mmielke

    How Do I Get Scummvm To Save?

    I'm trying to save my progress on ANY game in ScummVM and it either can't save or says something like "sky.???" (I'm unsure) is missing. I've tried the old 1.21 version and the newer one that comes with the starter pack. I've also tried different SD cards and changing the paths in ScummVM's...
  16. mmielke

    Save Issues In Scummvm

    I'm having trouble saving certain games like Full Throttle and certain Pajama Sam and Spy Fox titles. Any suggestions? I've tried re-downloading ScummVM again but that does not work, as the menu options for load and save are still greyed out. I can save in other games and I've copied the entire...
  17. mmielke

    I Need Help Setting Up A Couple Of Things

    I have the TVOut cable and the application from and all I get is an unsupported file type error. What am I doing wrong? I have the .gpe file and How do you get DosBox to run via Ginge? Can someone post a single download with everything already setup?
  18. mmielke

    How Do I Run Dosbox Via Ginge?

    I'm trying to run DosBox through Ginge on my Caanoo, but receive what seems to be a command prompt. I know there is a GP2X wiki, but that didn't help. The message is this: ${DIRGAME} Using Wiz version .70.4 (or something similar), that message appears for a second and rests to the GP2X...
  19. mmielke

    Running DosBox on a Caanoo through Ginge

    I'm trying to run DosBox through Ginge on my Caanoo, but receive what seems to be a command prompt. The message is this: ${DIRGAME} Using Wiz version .70.4 (or something similar), that message appears for a second and rests to the GP2X menu. If I use the GP2X version of DosBox, the...
  20. mmielke

    Fabled Lands

    This thread is going to be about the Fabled Lands series written by the amazing Dave Morris and his pal Jamie Thomson Fabled Lands is a series of solo role-playing games in book form. It has everything you...