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  1. Tenshi Cat

    Battery Issues!

    Hello! I started up my Pandora today to find that the battery was at 11%, even though I charged it fully the last time I used it a few days ago! Then when I put it on charge, put it on sleep and checked back about 15 minutes later, the charge level was still at 11% even though the charging light...
  2. Tenshi Cat

    Ashens Reviews the Dingoo A320

    Quite a long time before he reviewed the Pandora, Dr Ashen reviewed the Dingoo A320! And it isn't quite such a glowing review... (how many times can I say "review" in one line?)
  3. Tenshi Cat

    Petition to Stop the "Kill the Gays" Law in Uganda

    http://www.allout.or...petition/uganda Please sign it if you agree the law shouldn't be passed! And please spread the word! Thank you! ^^
  4. Tenshi Cat

    Stupid Noob Question

    Hi there! I ordered a premium Pandora a few days ago (I know that's a touchy subject for people who've been waiting ages for theirs, I'm really sorry...) and I'm really excited for it! But, I'm also a little worried - seems a lot of people who got premium ones have been saying they need to RMA...