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  1. GernotFrisch

    VK: Mac Mini, 1.66 GHz, 2GB Ram, 120 GB Hdd, Snow Leopard Hallo, ich verkaufe meinen Mac, weil ich einen neuen bekommen habe. Wenn jemand Lust auf App-Store entwicklung hat, kommt man nicht um den Kauf eines Macs herum. Wenn Ihr von hier kauft, beim Kauf einfach eine Mitteilung angeben...
  2. GernotFrisch

    Caanoo / WIZ Glbasic Supports The Caanoo

    OK, it took quite some time since I was so busy with iOS and WebOS, but finally GLBasic has support for the Caanoo: GLBasic news
  3. GernotFrisch

    GLBasic support für den Caanoo - endlich

    OK, ich möchte mich höflichst Entschuldigen, dass es so lange gedauert hatte.
  4. GernotFrisch

    How To Write A Quick Game

    Hi, I wrote a few lines about how I made that math game for the kid. It's quite some read but has some valuable information for game programming beginners who want to quickly see some sort of result.
  5. GernotFrisch

    Release Glbasic Compiles Directly For Pandora

    Hi, I just wanted to inform you that the new GLBasic SDK can directly compile .png executables on your Windows PC now. No longer do you need a device and the awkward GCC installation routines. For those who don't know about GLBasic: GLBasic is an easy to learn programming language targeting a...
  6. GernotFrisch

    GLBasic kompiliert unter Windows

    Hi, ich wollte nur Bescheid geben, dass das aktuelle GLBasic SDK jetzt auch ohne Gerät für Pandora kompilieren kann. Bitte dazu das Setup 9.033 herunterladen - Update hilft nichts.
  7. GernotFrisch

    Sdl Mouse Coords Are Offset

    Hi, when I use SDL to get the mouse coordinates, the movement seems relative to the movement, but with an offset. If I move closer to the borders, the offset can be made smaller, but once I touch the border, everything freaks out, totally. What can I do?
  8. GernotFrisch

    Framebuffer Object / Es1

    Hi, I have 2 devices, where the Framebuffer object is accessed by: glGenFramebuffersOES On Windows I load the extension glGenFramebuffersEXT. Both does not work on Pandora for me. Please - can someone make a 3 - line program that uses this function and really links? What libs are you using...
  9. GernotFrisch

    Caanoo / WIZ Universal Binary For Wiz And Canoo?

    Hi, is it possible to have one binary running on both devices? If no, is there a safe way for a bash script to tell if it's on Wiz or Canoo to run the appropriate binary? KTHXBYE
  10. GernotFrisch

    Opengl In Sdl Window

    Hi, I want to make an opengl|es draing context using an existing SDL window. Can anyone post me a working code starting with SDL_Init, ending with glClear, please? Here's what I call after SDL_Init so far, but it does make a new window. #ifdef HAVE_OPENGL_ES #include <EGL/egl.h> #include...
  11. GernotFrisch

    Opkg Offline?

    Hi, I need to get some packages installed. Mailny GCC and stuff. Can I download them and install them from SD card?
  12. GernotFrisch

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo Fw On Da Wiz?

    Hi, do you think it would be possible to put the Caanoo firmware on a Wiz, later? The EABI/OABI issue is quite terrifying me. That way we could use one binary for both devices again.
  13. GernotFrisch

    Script Asking For Root Rights (Installer)

    Hi, I want to make a .sh script that uses (zenity?) to ask the user for the sudo password and then performs "opkg install xxx". Can you please assist? Thank you.
  14. GernotFrisch

    Double Buffering

    How do I do that? Is it just setting the memory address and a dirty flag? if(draw_to_0) { draw_to_0=0; MLCADDRESS0 = 0x3700000; pOffscreen = (what mmap gives for 0x374b000) } else { draw_to_0=1; MLCADDRESS0 = 0x374B000; pOffscreen = (what mmap gives for 0x3700000) } // set dirty...
  15. GernotFrisch

    Caanoo / WIZ Find Serial Number Of Wiz?

    Hi, how can I get a unique device ID for the wiz?
  16. GernotFrisch

    Copy 320X240 Buffer To 240X320 Screen

    Hi, my performance dropped a lot since I reduced tearing. Can this function be written any quicker? inline void UpdateDisplay(unsigned short* Buffer, bool Landscape) { // 240x320 display -> 320x240 buffer const unsigned short* pSrc; unsigned short* pDst; pSrc=Buffer; pDst =...
  17. GernotFrisch

    GLBasic - kein Screen Tearing mehr

    Hallo, mit dem heutigen Update habe ich das Screen-Tearing Problem behoben. (Der schräge Balken durch's Bild). Sollte die Performance drunter leiden (sollte fast gleich schnell sein), kann man den Wiz übertakten. Näheres dazu demnächst im Forum.
  18. GernotFrisch

    Sdl And No Tearing

    Hi, how do I open the screen properly (using SDL ?) to avoid the tearing effects? Bye, -Gernot
  19. GernotFrisch

    Play Movie From Command Line

    Hi, is there any way to start a movie from the command line?
  20. GernotFrisch

    Programmierwettbewerb: Brettspiele

    Schreibt ein Brettspiel und gewinnt einen von 2 GP2X Wiz: