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  1. danielliu88888

    New Moderator?

    i don't really know where to put this, here i go. mods, feel free to move or lock this. so i've been hearing talk of adding a new member to the janitorial service. is this going to happen? do we need another moderator? who would you recommend?
  2. danielliu88888

    Oh No

    thought i'd share this with you all
  3. danielliu88888

    Release Official Blog Post (Did Somebody Say "let It Begin?")

    i thought the word was "go". good news nonetheless, however it still does look like two months™...
  4. danielliu88888

    Is The Amount Of Dcgm's Interests Offesive?

    too many interests.
  5. danielliu88888

    Pandora People Map

    the official pandora people map thread! map creation courtesy to B-Zar Go ahead, add yourselves. Approximate location is OK. EDIT: Instructions: 1. open the link above 2. click the edit button on the left 3. right click on your location 4. add location 5. use your forum nick as title (or...
  6. danielliu88888

    Panda Killer!
  7. danielliu88888

    Minor Problem With Polls

    some poll threads are always listed as having new posts, even though no one has made any additional posts since the last time i read it.
  8. danielliu88888

    The Openpandora Team

    how do you envision them?
  9. danielliu88888

    Release Video Killed The Blog Star hurry! everyone make fifty youtube accounts and subscribe to craig's channel.
  10. danielliu88888

    Release Generally Speaking, If We Have Rejected Something I Don't Want To

    you know where to go!
  11. danielliu88888

    Release Bits And Bytes

    new blog post. QUOTE EDIT: anyone interested in building the battery? :lol:
  12. danielliu88888


    I'm very confused on the topic of reordering for Amex users. There is a forum about Amex reordering, and several people have gotten refunds, however, didn't craig say that Amex users were already covered? Just wondering.