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  1. kirkanoss

    Wow really RockS just wow

    was so hype for rdr2 on pc i had to preorder it will got it as a gift and got 2 free games from it aswell both can't really play tho and was like thats not good rdr2 better work, didnt think would be a problem it is not a 10 + year old game like the others. and then yesterday happened spent...
  2. kirkanoss

    boston pandora people hope you are safe

    3 dead 141 injured in boston terror attack  it's hard for me to get what i am thinking out right so all i can say is WTF is going on, doesn't seem like a month goes bye that something like this happens. i am sorry but doesn't look good the way the usa has been heading
  3. kirkanoss

    hurry & vote in DragonBox Coding Competition

    a lot of missing votes and only a few hours left to vote.
  4. kirkanoss

    this a new review? from   just was looking around and found this nice review
  5. kirkanoss

    os on 64gb?

    just wondering if it is a bad idea to run the os off a 64gb? would it run slower or even mess up files on it. it is a class 10 uhs 1 sdxc. was thinking of having that card for os and to store/play music from and keeping all my pnds on my 2nd 64gb card
  6. kirkanoss

    almost mint caanoo for sale(reduced)$100

    well moving from ny to ca and need all the funds i can get, selling everything i own but few sets of cloths my desktop pc and my op. selling my black caanoo in near mint condition have taken very good care of this,analog is still very tight, only charged-discarged maybe 15 times so battery is...
  7. kirkanoss

    official tv-out cables any info

    i know you have a ton going on and are doing a lot of great work, was wondering if you have any info on the tv-out cables. now with all the tiny-bobs gone and the new ext's i got the pins are a little shorter so even more of a pain to solder my hopes of getting cables out to the mass's is...
  8. kirkanoss

    one tv-out cable for sale

    1st reply to buy in the post gets it, one 8ft Composite tv-out cable was my main cord but made a new one out of cat 5 and gold platted rca plugs and fell in love with it. made with new composite cable and some ribbon wire from that to ext+tinybob very sturdy, asking 20 usd + shipping from usa...
  9. kirkanoss

    new shop page

    hey ed just wanted to say that the new shop dragonbox is very nice. love the colors very easy on the eyes only wish i had some cash to order afew items all extra cash goes to getting more tv-out cables done
  10. kirkanoss

    any tinybobs left around?

    well been wanting to make some more tv out cables to try and get some more people onto the big screens and have made afew but all with the bobs. i'am sure i could do it with just the ext's but like the nice strong plug you get from the bob and some hot glue. any way would love to buy some...
  11. kirkanoss

    on the go charging with iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

    just wanted to let you all know how great the iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger just got it last night and charged it up and been playing around with it. had it hooked up charging my pandora via mini usb running SZ5 Battery went from 56% to 63% in about 30 mins lithium ion battery with...