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  1. rudepeople

    A bunch of pictures

    @ Fusion_Power, Askarus, Levi: Wow, you guys are really stuck on putting some kind of heatsink in the hing area arent you? What I don't get is why are you trying to over-engineer what is truely a simple solution?!? there is no need to pipe heat anywhere, besides being EXTREMLY unwise to pipe...
  2. rudepeople

    The case of the case.

    You're welcome. Spoiler'd (large and off-topic) - Binky
  3. rudepeople

    The case of the case.

    Why wonder? just go with it...
  4. rudepeople

    The case of the case.

    This may be moot, I posted it somewhere else with a responce that led me here... have either of these been considered? <- or -> they may not be the "sega" layout, but the buttons fall into lines that can be more easily "patterned" in an emulator... Although I too am not fond of the two...
  5. rudepeople

    6 face buttons necessary?

    I'm not sure how relevant this post will be, or even if it will be seen... but... I like the idea of having 6 face buttons (sega emulation and such) but I also am not fond of WHERE the placement seems to be gravatating toward... Don't get me wrong, I don't want to relocate any of the primary...
  6. rudepeople

    The Parasite That Took Over The Body...

    You know... I find it funny that all you easterners have no concept of "conflict of interest". You see, this "Pandora" (filthy cancer) is not made by GPH, nor is it made by any Developer nor employee of GPH... it has NO real relation to the gp32 nor it's siblings. No. It is the COMPETITOR to...