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  1. sparkymark79

    Going round my friends for a retro night, what are my options

    Ok, so I have my Pandora, GCW-Zero and Dingoo - i know I know I just wanted to show off ;) I still prefer my Pandora over everything so don't worry :) In a few months I'm staying at a friends with a bunch of people for heavy drinking and scalextrix: and I'm thinking I can improve matters...
  2. sparkymark79

    Yearly Bluetooth moan

    Hello, Not really a moan, just wondered if there are any timescales on improving bluetooth audio so I can hook it up to my surround sound (wirelessly). I know it was in the pipeline. Thanks
  3. sparkymark79

    3d Printer

    Hi everyone, I've recently invested in a 3d printer - replicator2. Is there anything Pandora related I should print or a mod somebody wants me to print and test - happy to help
  4. sparkymark79

    gpsp compatibility

    Hi, is there a list of tried and tested gba games on the pandora GPSP version. Specifically interested on all the mario games as super mario advance 2 is supposed to be ok from the wiki but I can't find one that works.
  5. sparkymark79

    RTS Touch Controls

    Hello, I was thinking about what it would be like to play RTS on Pandora - if there was a good one to play and I thought these would be good RTS touchscreen controls. What do you think? - apologies if somebody else has mentioned similar controls before: Long press (in actuality <1sec), then...
  6. sparkymark79

    TV-Out Colour Issue

    Hello, I have a tv-out cable made by a user on the forums which I am very thankful for! Only problem is the colour is off and I am not sure if it is software or cable issue. It seems a bit weird it would be hardware as I'm pretty sure it is only one connection for the display signal and I am...
  7. sparkymark79

    ps3 controller on bluetooth

    Hi, Got my tv cable today from Kirkanos, a thousand thankyous. Want to play some 2player action on the tv tonight. Is it easy to setup the ps3 controller on the pandora via bluetooth. Has anybody done it successfully. Will it work with all emulators? Wasn't in the tips and tricks section...
  8. sparkymark79


    Word of warning when screwing your pandora back together. Don't screw the screws too far!!!! Thankfully it doesn't look too bad, you could almost pretend those bumps are supposed to be there. Think I'll leave it as it is, save having to buy a new case and taking it all apart again! sorry...
  9. sparkymark79

    TV out Cables

    To Craig or Ed, what is the latest update with these please and how long before you expect to be able to send out the official cables?
  10. sparkymark79

    Who will make me a TV-Out cable

    Hi, I tried twice to make a tv cable myself and failed miserably, I'm just useless at soldering. Is anybody still making spare cables, or do have any further concrete news on the official tv-out cables. Please if you can make one or have a spare, PM me to discuss money. I want me a TV-Out...
  11. sparkymark79


    Hello, Just a question for the devs. I know Bluetooth Audio is in the queue to be fixed. What number in the queue of things to do is it? Are we talking twomonths tm or less? thanks
  12. sparkymark79

    Purple Tint DIY job

    Hi, So I am getting replacement LCD cable sent out to me as I;ve got POTD and I want to fix myself as don't fancy waiting two months whilst there's a backlog to get things fixed. If I break the LCD it's my fault, I'll have to admit defeat and buy a new chassis with LCD already assembled. So...
  13. sparkymark79

    Which wires where - TV out cable

    Hello, I'm still confused which wires go where on the TV out cable. I have the tiny BOB and connector, and a 3 wire cable for 2*RCA, and 1*Composite. I keep getting confused about from which end the diagrams are being shown. Lets say I'm looking at the back of the Pandora, no cables in...
  14. sparkymark79


    How long is the turn around on an RMA at the moment. I have started to get the dreaded purple screen. At the moment if I open fully, it disappears, So I'm wondering whether to leave as is for a while if the queue is too long, thanks
  15. sparkymark79

    My Pandora is going on a Road Trip

    I'm off to the US of A for 3 weeks on the 12th May travelling all over the West America (half in a Mustang, the other half in an RV) and guess who will be right there with me? Yep, My Pandora! I have my FM transmitter and a whole heap of music to keep me and the (very new) wife entertained...
  16. sparkymark79

    Small Case Wanted

    Hi, I would like to buy a small case. I already have the Open Pandora official case but it's too snug a fit, and I am getting fed up of ruining headphones by wrapping round the pandora and then having the headphone adapter sticking out and not zipping up the case properly. I would like a case...
  17. sparkymark79

    Case and screen

    Out of interest, how much do you think it would cost once production is ramped up, to buy the case and new screen already setup, so you would just need to slot in the board and attach the screen. I would be interested in that if it wasn't too much
  18. sparkymark79

    [SOLVED] Mini Menu Custom view

    Hi, I would like to setup a default view in Mini Menu with all my favourite apps displaying. How do I do this. I've tried setting up custom categories before but they never seem to actually setup, what on earth am I doing wrong!! Thanks Mar
  19. sparkymark79

    E-Cat LENR Device

    I've been following this for the past 9/10 months, and in ten days is the start up of the 1MW plant. I'd be interested if any other like minded Pandorian has been following it also. If you have never heard of it, it's basically what you would call a cold fusion device, but one that actually...
  20. sparkymark79

    [SOLVED] mame pnd disappeared

    Hi, For some reason both mame4all and mame106 pnd are not showing up in either GUI even though the pnd is there? Amybody know why/how this has happened. I think I manaed to see in minimenu that it was showing two "unknown" pnd's present. I have reflashed and still no luck :( thanks Mark