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    Official Blog: Support

    Just saw there is a new official blog post.〈=en The same information are also in the support section of the official site. Here the list of the packages added by the Community Codec Package. Should be...
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    Pandora Article On (Featured On

    I believe this hasn't been posted yet... please correct me if I am wrong. Article about the Pandora: (January 4th, 2010) Featured on :) I noticed the...
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    Pandora Accessories Madness

    I know there have been a number of topic about accessories for the Pandora... still the Pandora is coming soon so why not share pictures of the accessories you have. Here are what I intend to use with the Pandora: A screen protector, a USG OTG cable (hope it works), 2x 16GB SDHC memory card...
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    Ultimate Storage For The Pandora ?

    I think I found the holly grail for external storage on the Pandora ! I don't know if this really deserve it's own topic but well... everyone is F5'ing the forum for something new anyway. I am talking about the Samsung S1 Mini 1.8inch external hard drive -from 120GB to 250GB (1.8inch) -USB...
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    Maemo On The Beagleboards ? Interesting Lwn Article

    There's a quite interesting article about Maemo on LWN. "Mer is an outgrowth of Nokia's Maemo environment, designed to flesh out the tablet-centric operating system into a full fledged Linux distribution suitable(...)" I didn't knew much about the recent Maemo development (I do own a nokia IT...