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  1. blimpsgo180

    Save state in Mupen64 Plus?

    Hi, I did a lot of searching and I couldn't find information. Is there a way to save state in Mupen64 Plus for Pandora? Ridge Racer 64 doesn't save on it's own, so I'd like to save the state to keep my progress. Thank you.
  2. blimpsgo180

    E3 2017

    It starts today. Let's talk about games we're excited for. Live coverage:
  3. blimpsgo180

    The Definitive List of Pandora Games (native games and ports)

    General Overview With the days of the Pandora winding down and the days of the Pyra winding... up(?), I've decided to create a definitive list of all the games that exist on the Pandora. I'm categorizing games as games that were either made for, or specifically ported to the Pandora. I do not...
  4. blimpsgo180

    Massive Steam Sale: Tomb Raider, Fallout, Batman, more

    Steam is having a Lunar New Year Sale. I have personally never heard of the Lunar New Year, but it's an incredible sale. Here's a list of some of the better sale items I found: Tomb Raider Franchise: Tomb Raider Collection (includes almost every Tomb Raider game released for PC, including...
  5. blimpsgo180

    I made a podcast and talked about emulation

    Hi, I'm looking for some feedback on a podcast I'm starting. It's really amateurish right now. For one thing I don't like the sound of my own voice. I'm hoping I'll get other people to join me in later episodes. The episode is on emulation. Here's the link: Listen to Video Game...
  6. blimpsgo180

    Ability to dual-boot on the Pyra?

    Hi, I'm curious to know if the Pyra will be able to dual-boot two different operating systems. I'm specifically interested because I'd like to boot into the Android operating system. Android is home to some of the best games of this generation, and rivals Steam in terms of quality and...