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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    Just tested Mario Kart. With the default graphic plugin everything is running fine graphic wise (as it did before). Game speed is still too slow @800mhz From what I remember it used to be a continually low FPS while now it seems to run a bit better but with longer intermittent freeze... I am not...
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    Thanks I will try this. The link to both CD is also available on the official website (direct link !) among with the other freeware. It's really nice of them to give away those classic game :)
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    Beta Linphone

    Nice to see some VOIP app on the Pandora. Got a nortel 1535 phone off ebay recently so I been playing with SIP providers. Anyway... I took some time to test the app. I set up a sip2sip account and then a POIVY account. The first problem I ran into is that it wouldn't ask me for my SIP password...
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    Release Battle For Wesnoth

    Thx for all the update ! Just got my Pandora and I'll definitely try this :)
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    Usb Wifi 'dongle' Compatible With Both Pandora And Caanoo?

    Well just drop me a PM with you address if you want to test it. Just sent it back afterwards :)
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    Usb Wifi 'dongle' Compatible With Both Pandora And Caanoo?

    I just received the wifi adapter from dealextreme. It's tiny ! As I said I don't have a Pandora and won't have much use for the adapter right now. (beside it's cool factor !) If somebody wants to make sure it work on an actual Pandora I guess I could lend it to them. I can ship it to Europe no...
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    Usb Wifi 'dongle' Compatible With Both Pandora And Caanoo?

    I ordered one of those and I should get it pretty soon. Once I get a Pandora I will definitely add it to the USB wiki page. I also have a number of other USB deceive I need to test.
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    Flying With Batteries.....

    I've never had an issue before... but then again I don't fly that often. I am always carrying extra battery for my nokia n800 or sometimes some other electronic I have (camera...). If you're really concerned I guess the best would be to contact the airline before. That being said if I were you...
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    Android as a second official or semi-official platform will be great. I think it will definitely help with people that find the product interesting but are a bit scared of the whole Linux thing.
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    Psu Leaks Little Bit Of Ac To Gnd Pin, Normal?

    All the bashing about cheap chinese power adapter and now this... can't help feel a bit disappointed.
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    Pandora Owners: Tried Tablet?

    I've got a Wacom Volito2... I'll make sure to try it when I get my Pandora (I am around 2000 though)
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    Explaining The Pandora

    I would really just concentrate on the good point of the Pandora. You're trying to sell a product here not make a political statement ! It's true some company use provocative advertisement but I really don't think it's a good enough... it's just too risky. Saying that the Pandora is assembled...
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    7 Dead Nub Units To Go

    150GBP is not a bad price at all. I guess I would have bought a one as my pre-order unit is arround 2000. Too bad.
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    Debian In An Extend

    I didn't read your whole post... but this looks great :) Remind me of debian running on the N800 ! I am pretty sure it's the same method beeing used (chroot and all)
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    Development Bounties

    I think openpandora should really focus on the OS and kernel. The community will do a good enough job with third party applicaiton. kernel, video acceleration, power management, wifi driver improvement, audi, blutooth, 3g connectivity, PND, fixing bug in the OS: Everything to have a good OS on...
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    Battery flat after 3-4 days

    I very much doubt the battery by itself would lose so much power (unless it's deffective of course)... Would be interested to test it with battery in and out the device. I would guess it's something about the Pandora that make the battery discharge so fast..
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    Has Anyone Done Anything On Gemrb?

    OMG ! This is great ! baldur's gate on a Pandora :) I'll definitely be trying this out when I get my Pandora.
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    Bluetooth Audio

    It's great to see the bluetooth getting used :) I guess a better long term approch to having easy bluetooth audio is pulseaudio with bluetooth support. I am have to say I am not sure how well it works but hopefully it's mature enough by now. Priority should probably be a take care of all the...
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    The Audio Input

    Why do I see headset microphone then ? The jack is stereo out and mono audio in.
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    Wifi Latency

    I really can't comment for the Pandora, but I believe the reason a lot of mobile devices got quite a lot of latency is because of power saving. I guess did a quick test on my n800 and ping were between 11ms and 117ms while nothing running on it and between 2ms and 88ms while download a video on...