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  1. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Release Picodrive 1.80

    I think that questions about the accuracy of the colours makes for perfectly reasonable discussion. From what I see of the screen caps the colour is pretty off and although it may never be "perfect" due to the analogue nature of the Genesis' video, it is entirely reasonable to get as close to it...
  2. Swiss_Cheeseman

    New users, say hello

    omg hai i'll be getting my pandora "around november" which in pandora speak means in 2 years.
  3. Swiss_Cheeseman

    GP32X Needs You!

    I nominaet myslef becaus mi hking if interners
  4. Swiss_Cheeseman

    GP32X Needs You!

    Pfft, five years.
  5. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Using Swap Makes Dingoo Have 64M Ram.

    Using swap with SD cards can also decrease their lifetime significantly. I don't think it's a very good tradeoff.
  6. Swiss_Cheeseman

    GP32X Needs You!

    Sup B) Hey where the fuck did my avatar go? EDIT: Thats better.
  7. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Dosbox Fun

    This is a common misconception. Matt Saettler (a former Monolith employee) has got the source code (don't nag him for it), and the rights to the Blood source code are owned by Infogrames (Atari). Matt Saettler is fully willing to give the source code to Infogrames if they want it so it can be...
  8. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Dingoo Board Before Gp2x

    They do comply with people's budgets however ;)
  9. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Ebay: "commodore 64 Emulator For The Gp2x"

    The best way to kill off these illegal auctions is for as many people to "buy" it as possible, then afterwards ask the seller if the roms are legal. If they lie and say they are, ask them to prove it. They can't so they just shut the hell up and you'll be able to back out of the sale easy. Now...
  10. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Real-world Pandora Size And Carying Cases.

    Most DS cases are padded or have a bit of wiggle room, so there's a good chance that most DS cases will fit the Pandora just fine.
  11. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Is Bioshock Possible On Pandora?

    Is common sense possible on Internet?
  12. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Pandora Needs To Go X86 (eventually)

    It's possible to use Youtube without flash with a relatively easy to make Firefox plugin, or by using that open source flash alternative (It's incomplete but I remember reading it was compatible with Youtube's applets).
  13. Swiss_Cheeseman

    An Old-timer Is Back Again

    I declare this thread the Old-Timer thread. gp32_console
  14. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Resolution Of Video-out

    Huh? S-Video is all over the place here. A "new" $150 TV I got about 6 years ago had S-Video in. Granted it wasn't on every TV but it's on every flat panel made nowadays and has been on most good brands of CRTs for the past ~12 years. I think you just bought a crappy TV.
  15. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Resolution Of Video-out

    Would scaling the video output from 800x480 to 640x480 16:9 be possible? It wouldn't be perfect but should be good enough for most things.
  16. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Will Pandora Support .rm (realmedia) Files?

    Suspected? Of course it is! A simple comparison between the files in Real Alternative and what comes with Real Player make it pretty obvious.
  17. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Will Pandora Support .rm (realmedia) Files?

    That's most likely due to the a feature in mplayer allowing the use of windows-based libraries for some codecs (RM, WMV and others). This is only possible on an x86 based machine, so it's out of the question for the Pandora.
  18. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Dosbox Ready For Pandora

    No chance of that unfortunately. Carmageddon runs like crap on my PC and it's substantially more powerful than the Pandora (Athlon 64 X2 4600+).
  19. Swiss_Cheeseman

    Decent Fps