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    Pandora Mascot

    I'm aware that the Pandora is called the Panda by some, I'm just saying that it's worthwhile to look at other things. A Platypus DOES relate on many levels, just not on the one level of being a nickname some people use for the handheld.
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    Pandora Mascot

    I haven't seen people say that they can't wait to install Tux or Penguin on their PCs either, but that didn't stop the Linux foundation (or whoever came up with Tux). I'm just saying that in a thread meant to be about creative exploration of what a Pandora mascot could be wouldn't do too badly...
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    Pandora Cube

    I must admit I did not read all the 22 pages of this, but here are my thoughts in any case: I voted "only if" and I would say only if it can do 720p as a minimum for video and has the appropriate outputs. It should also come with a controller as standard so it's playable out of the box. You...
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    Pandora Mascot

    I have two points to make: The idea of a mascot and the idea of a logo are getting mixed up. The graphic of the panda playing the pandora looks really nice, but I haven't seen it move or hang about in different poses. Tux is Linux's mascot, but also its logo. Pandora has a logo. If you want to...
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    Sales +/- 3000

    Yeah, because saturating the news media long before a new system from an unknown company is even ready is the right thing to do! ^_^ Hey, just sayin'...
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    Pandora - Size Impressions

    Then what about us geeks with girlfriends, fiancées and wifes? (obviously not in plural for each geek. Well, some geeks, I bet...)
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    Pandora Logo - Take 2

    6, 15 and 21.
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    Poll: Are You Going To Buy A Pandora?

    *chuckles* Thanks, man. You seem pretty happy yourself! ^_^
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    Poll: Are You Going To Buy A Pandora?

    At the moment, my wedding in august kind of takes precedence over the Pandora, so I'll probably have to wait until the third batch.
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    Good Screen?

    I don't necessarily think that's so unusual, I think it's just that they don't often use that kind of dpi on account of how small the pixels are for regular systems. You couldn't do it on a Windows machine for sure, because it's just not made for that kind of a pixel density. Thanks for doing...
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    What Applications Are You Looking Forward To?

    Photoshop CS3. If I don't get that, I'm not buying the Pandora.
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    Plopp is the awesome. The sofa, though a compositional no-no, makes the whole picture. Just wouldn't work otherwise. ^_
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    Pandora Interface Design Concept(s).

    If anyone wants to help me build a prototype UI like the one I'm detailing in my previous post, contact me. I'd love to just see how it works. I'm thinking it would look pretty slick if done with a simple, vectorised style. Basically, it would adapt to how much you're putting in your menus. Ask...
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    Pandora Interface Design Concept(s).

    It could actualy work quite nicely if you build a menu system that creates shapes based on how many options there are, so that if you create a folder for different systems and you have five different systems (and thus, folders) then you'll have a five-sided shape that will rotate to give you the...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Maybe this thread is simply Irreversible? Actually, this thread is starting to seem about as excruciating as certain scenes in that very Gaspar Noë film... Those of you who've seen it will know what I'm talking about. *shudders*
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    Pandora Website Uppdate

    I have to say I kind of agree with the logo. It's simple and it's easy to remember. Has a good profile without any clutter. There were a lot of good contenders, and there may be some others that I had chosen had it been my decision to make, but I can't complain about the choice you made. It was...
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    What, huh? Were you even here when the design was unveiled? Have you seen the discussions and moanings about the keyboard, gaming controls, touchscreen and various other minutae on this board? People have made themselves very strong both negative and positive opinions of a machine that's not...