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  1. BaDToaD

    Hoping to get my Indie retro game to run on the Pandora.

    Hi guys. I've not posted here in a while but I've been keeping an eye on the Pyra's progress. Some of the old timers here will remember me :) So, what have I been doing with my time? I've started an Indie games studio, Clockwork Hippo Games I've been making a retro style arcade game that's...
  2. BaDToaD

    Gog's complete Interplay catalogue pay what you want

    Not sure if it's been mentioned here but GOG are selling their Interplay entire catalogue starting at pay what you want prices. 8 games - pay what you want 20 games - Pay above average all 32 games $34.99 This is the option I went for. Goodies like these :) Conquest of the New World...
  3. BaDToaD

    Are audio components the same in CC and GC Pandoras?

    The above is very important to me for two reasons. 1. I am contemplating upgrading my original CC Pandora to either a rebirth or 1GHz Pandora but I won't do this if the Audio isn't as good as the original CC Pandora. My Pandora blows all other portable devices I own out of the water for Audio...
  4. BaDToaD

    Buddy Rush on 512MB pandora?

    Anyone tried Buddy Rush on a 512MB Pandora? It runs fine on my arnova 7 g2 tablet which is a 1GHz OMAP3 SOC. It installed fine on my 256MB CC Pandora but crashed on start. I got the feeling it ran out of memory rather than anything else. It's a fun little mmorpg with cute styled cartoon...
  5. BaDToaD

    c64 30 years old BBC article and Vid

    Apparently the c64 is now 30 years old. The BBC have an interesting article and video to celebrate the old girl ;)
  6. BaDToaD

    Hod do I install large apps?

    I've got a few larger games and apps on my google play account that I want to install on the Pandora. Plants vs Zombies, Battleheart, Collesium Heroes etc. I've grabbed the apk files from my tablet and tired to install them but I get the error "application not installed" I've also tried...
  7. BaDToaD

    What's the largest FAT32 image file I can set up?

    I'm outgrowing my original 1GB image file and seem to recall Android was limited to 2GB FAT when I set up? Is that the max for FAT32 as well? This Android port is so useful I want to know if can I use a nice shiny new 16 or 32GB card and max out the Android image to most of the cards size. I...
  8. BaDToaD

    Neverwinter Nights Persistent Worlds

    I have recently discovered the delights of roleplaying on Neverwinter Nights persistent worlds. This is the closest thing I've come across to Pen and Paper D&D. NWN Persistent Worlds are like mini MMORPGs where there is a limit on the number of players somewhere between 10 and 64 althought...
  9. BaDToaD

    Decent bluetooth controller recommendations.

    Hi Can someone recommend a half decent bluetooth pad/controller. I want something to use for PSX and GC emulation on the PC so it'll need decent analogue sticks or nubs. If I had a smart phone, I'd get an icontrolpad but alas I can't stand smart phones. I think it's an age thing ;) Thanks in...
  10. BaDToaD

    Audio nuts take note

    Almost a year ago I posted a review of the Pandora's audio capabilities (see here) and I'd just like to add a couple of comments now it's becoume my portable source of choice. I no longer bother with my CMoy amp as I believe the Pandora's components have now fully burnt in and provide almost...
  11. BaDToaD

    World of Tanks

    I saw an ad for this PC game and thought I'd give it a whirl. It's great fun and FREE to play. Basically it's a 3D tank tactical game where you can drive over 300 Tanks and Self Propelled Guns. You start off in basic tanks and upgrade as you earn experience. 15 tanks per side set off...
  12. BaDToaD

    Digital Memories

    Found this gem on Jamendo the other day. If you like your music sprinkled with retro 8 bit sounds this is a must. The production is mostly excellent too apart from the odd rough 8 bit drum sample but they just add to the retro feel anyway :P Great stuff!
  13. BaDToaD

    Planeshift. Is it possible?

    A couple of years ago before we got our hands on the Pandora there was a topic about porting Planeshift to the Pandora on GP32x here Don't expect a WoW like experience. This is after all a hobby project for the developers but it does look like it could be fun. They are getting some help from...
  14. BaDToaD

    Spitting Image NSFW!

    To those of you that remember Spitting Image... Enjoy and post your own fave clips. For those of you that don't know what the heck I'm on about. British 80's politically incorrect humour at it's best. Here's a couple of my favourites to get you started...
  15. BaDToaD

    Port Request for Directory Opus Clone

    Any chance we can have Worker ported please. It's a Directory Opus Clone for Linux. Anyone that knows Directory Opus or Dopus as it was affectionately known in the good old Amiga days, will tell you that it was a killer app. No seriously, it was :) Nothing for me has ever come close to the...
  16. BaDToaD

    Ryzom Goes Free to Play

    Ryzom a rather nice Full 3D MMORPG has gone free to play as of 3rd March Free to play What I didn't realise is that Ryzom got a Linux Client a few months ago and there is source code available. I'm no programmer but maybe one of the...
  17. BaDToaD

    Moving my Apps to a faster SD card

    I have bought myself an 8GB class 10 SD card to replace my 8GB class 4 (I have a 32GB class 4 Data card) and all I want to do is transfer my apps over to the new card. So, my question is. Is there a way to just copy my apps across without losing all my settings, bookmarks etc or do I have to...
  18. BaDToaD

    Browser baser MMOs that work on the Pandora

    I've spent several evenings trawling the net for Pandora Friendly Flash based MMORPGs for myself and my Daughter. Disclaimer: I have only spent a little time on each of these games as I spent far longer searching for working games and rebooting from crashes caused by various games that didn't...
  19. BaDToaD

    A review of the Pandora's sound and music capability.

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  20. BaDToaD

    Does anyone else think we need a Blue Protoman subforum?

    As the topic says. Does anyone else think we need a Blue Protoman subforum? ;)