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  1. Tempel


    I'm building on Pandora with cdevtools, so the only libGLU is linuxbochs's. But I'm not certain Kivy even uses GLU. But then again, I barely know what I'm talking about. skeezix: considered that, but results won't come out from the two binaries in exactly the same way, so it will take some...
  2. Tempel


    That lead to a different missing symbol (glDisableVertexAttribArray). But rather than going back-and-forth forever, I used nm to check what symbols it needs. There are 137 of them :wacko: . I'm not certain what symbols have already been implemented, but if you can give me a way to check, I'll...
  3. Tempel

    Better knowing the Pandora's /proc ?

    The wiki will tell you. Battery stuff is in /sys/class/power_supply/bq27500-0/. Battery level is in the file "capacity", charging or discharging is in "status". Lid state, though, I'm not sure about.
  4. Tempel


    Had forgotten about build-deps; it did the trick. I'll readily admit to knowing little about compilation, so I apologize for the trouble. Anyway, Kivy built, but all the examples fail with undefined symbol: glBlendFuncSeparate. Not yet implemented I suppose?
  5. Tempel

    Any way to run pip or easy_install within a PND ?

    Instead of you downloading and installing libraries, you want to make your every one of your users download and install libraries? On a device known to have trouble with network connectivity? ;) Not to mention, putting the libraries into your PND is probably easier than implementing an...
  6. Tempel

    hmc Hardware Hack #2: Hinge modification for laptop-like use

    Set screws are what you want. They have tips designed to dig in to the surface they hit. If you need more meat for threading, maybe use epoxy to attach some kind of plastic collar over the hole? Though that could get in the way of the screen. Hmm.
  7. Tempel


    Just like to note that I attempted to build Kivy with this and failed. I dropped the three libraries in /usr/lib, ran Kivy's build, and failed with gcc being unable to find -lGL. I assume this is my fault somehow, not libGL's, but it's not sufficiently important to me to keep trying.
  8. Tempel

    Any way to run pip or easy_install within a PND ?

    MarTinazzl: No, ekianjo wants a PND to install a Python package. ekianjo: Yes, this is doable. Neither pip nor easy_install are in the firmware though, so they would have to be in your PND. Those tools can do a user install, which will install the package in $HOME/.local - and for a PND, $HOME...
  9. Tempel

    Pandora apps still searchable

    About a year and a half ago, I created this which crawled the app store and generated a repository file. Since that's just JSON, I whipped up a script to parse it out into a CSV, pasted here. Not all the PNDs are properly parsable, so some data might be missing (notably titles) and some PNDs may...
  10. Tempel

    Arch Linux ARM fresh rootfs

    I've put together an up-to-date rootfs of Arch. It's nothing you haven't seen before, but given how I struggled to get a proper Arch install, I thought others might find this useful. The heavy lifting was done by Cloudef, who built the Pandora-specific packages used here. His PKGBUILDs are on...
  11. Tempel


    I'll try to use this to get Kivy running. It uses GLES for all drawing operations, but still needs GL for the Linux window provider. Speaking of, is this library Pandora-specific, or could it work on other GLES Linux systems? I'm sure the Raspberry Pi folks would be excited by it, and that...
  12. Tempel

    Should repo uploaders be allowed to delete their contributions at will?

    _wb_, I think your proposal is legally impossible. When someone uploads something to the repo, they still retain whatever copyright they had on it. As a result, they get full rights to decide how it gets distributed, including the right to request that the repo cease distribution. If there...
  13. Tempel


    For one, it won't do anything about dependencies; it's up to you to put any needed libraries into the build_pnd folder before building. For another, it doesn't play very nicely with data_files, since I don't really get how one should use data_files in any situation; use package_data and paths...
  14. Tempel


    It works in that it successfully makes PNDs (for example, I used it to package PNDstore). If you mean making packages on your Pandora, there is no technical limitation on distPND. It makes PNDs on desktops, so it will make PNDs on a Pandora. I don't know if anyone's actually done so, but I...
  15. Tempel

    Has anyone produced anything with Pygame?

    I made The Lonely Tower. And I packaged BubbMan2. And helped a bit with Which Way Is Up and Sparks. I've heard that some of these run very slowly, but I have no Pandora for testing.
  16. Tempel

    How to make arrow symbols in terminal?

    Oh no! You don't want to have \x in a unicode string. But you are right, it should be prefixed with a u, so that should be u'\u2191'.encode. See, unicode lets you specify the exact character you want. Different encodings then have different ways of representing that character as a string of...
  17. Tempel

    How to make arrow symbols in terminal?

    Funny, I was never even aware of the ACS_UARROW constant before. Because I prefer Unicode! There are many arrow characters available, and the curses documentation tells you how to make it work with Unicode. Your code will look something like this: import locale...
  18. Tempel

    Repository for libs

    Foxblock, I think you've misunderstood the purpose. TomB isn't suggesting a repository of installable libraries, but rather a repository of PND-able libraries. The idea is this: a developer is making a PND that depends on libraries not included in the default OS; therefore, the library must be...
  19. Tempel

    "Save removal" of removable drives

    Hopefully someone can back me up on this, but here's what I recall: The OS originally mounted SD cards as fully synchronous. This caused poor write speeds. As a result, ED changed it to be cached with a two-second sync time. This improves performance by caching rapid sequential writes, but...
  20. Tempel

    Good GUI choice for Python ?

    The default Pandora OS comes with PyGTK built-in. That makes for a very lightweight PND (in terms of file size), since you don't have to package in the dependencies. That's what I did for PNDstore, but ultimately got tripped up on GTK's complexity. GTK also has the advantage that it's used...