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    What Dbz Game Is This Book For?

    Looks like an intrakit*sp* Book/Box combination. But Nss is right about the covers, hard to tell because so many DBZ games
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    Whats New In The Past Month

    Yeah, rather than browsing through all the topics i missed out in the past month *since May 15th i guess* i decided to ask what has been new. Just as major releases, news, and developments :D. That and my browser closed out on me and the forums didn't keep track of the page i had so it said...
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    Some News From Yoyo! :)

    After releasing this he should make a SNES emu for the 32MB ram upgrade so we can have fullsize roms on our custom GP32s :D
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    Gamepark Hidden English Site

    They might be rebuilding it, for so long this site has been file not found for me when some pages link to it, but now it's up :D But it's probably the old version due to ©2001 thing
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    Yeti 3d

    Nin^^Nin is remaking an old NES dungeon game with the Yeti3d engine, hopefully he's still working on it :D
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    if you actually make a bigger memory thing, it either needs to run on the GP32 3.3v or have a battery of it's own, if the battery of it's own thing, then you need to make a bios that can handle it, or handle it and 128mb cards Basically the same thing as the 32mb ram upgrade :D
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    Woohoo Crap

    since when did Win95 have that "shorten system tray" arrow. Unless i'm losing my memory, i do not think 95 had that
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    Member Levels

    bah i think we have enough higher member levels *aside from gp32 dev thing*
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    What Browser Do You Use?

    another one for the firefox piramyd!
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    Super Sim City

    Sim City for the SNES, try that XD SimCity 2000 for the SNES runs slow with the current osnes9x version
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    don't you have a broadband modem? if so just turn it off, and then turn it on when you do things. Now if it always is on and going through LAN, and IE says open page to connect to the internet, your always on the internet then. You can set windows to not automatically have lan, but i find...
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    Yogg Static... More Info

    Ditto here, raise it to 64/68 or somtin
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    Found Candy Bar

    if it was under MY bed i'd burn it, but depends whats on it for you :D, so i'd say yes unless you got an amorphis blob on it
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    Favourite Dreamcast Games!

    Sadly my DC is in my room gathering immense amounts of dust :'(... Sonic Adv 2 Soul Caliber Skies of Arcadia Shenmu I need to buy a crapload of stuff for my DC *Possibly even a Treamcast* and then i will play it again :D, and if i do not have a computer, BAM! Internet on DC
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    Member Levels

    Naruto is about ninja i think, havent seen it yet, i need to BT it
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    My Sig

    naa, i'm ok with my awesome sig of the besterness
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    Member Levels

    The good thing they get cookies on their way out, all they can eat... The bad thing is instead of cookies, it's fire. Waitaminute, thats not a bad thing at all XD
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    Public Apology

    XD, nice one rico Even though you didn't offend me *because i stayed out of the topic in the first place* it takes, some guts to apologize like this :D
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    Gigas Engine (fighting) - Turn Based Or Real Time?

    I think you should do a choice between waiting turn based and active turn based, like Chrono Trigger :D, or program all 3 styles into the engine and have the maker choose the style of battle *CT and RT battle system's don't really need battle BGs, but the FF style does