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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Hey! Not sure if any of you remember me, and most of you that will see this are newer here. My name is Shay, *shock* if not. I used to go by Levi and haven't really used the Pandoras' I have much lately. I've always had you guys in the back of my mind though and its good to see the Pandora crew...
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    My new 1Ghz unit is awesome and all, and I know I said I would do some videos for you guys.. (don't worry I still have something planned) I ran into a rather large problem though. I can't get my USB NIC to work on my new unit. Its a TU2-ET100 TrendNET adapter, which works fine on my original...
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    Saw this and thought of you instantly. Had to share =)
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    Oohhhhhhhhhh Prometheus... I'll just leave this here. Another installment of Megaman Awesomeness =D Edit: While not Megaman related this is still awesome as hell and I figured I should throw it in as a bonus...
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    Oohhhhhhhhhh Prometheus... >.> Ahem. I think you'll appreciate today's selection over at For those of us that miss the art there tomorrow, I'll spoil an image below. /me waits for Prometheus's "nerd-out" reaction =P
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    Best Mini-USB WiFi Stick For Pandora?

    I have busted wifi myself on my unit, can I buy a mini USB stick? or can anyone point me to a working one that isnt really huge?
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    Volume Wheel Static?

    While playing audio, if I decide to adjust audio I get a nasty static sound on my earbuds out of the audio jack in the front. I'm pretty sure its a bad potentiometer that got damaged over time since the case rubs up against the wheel, resulting in a plastic clicking whenever the wheel is...
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    Hairline Crack Found

    There is a new crack in the top left of my Pandora's screen, will provide pics later on to better show what I mean. Its right above the rubber stopper in the top left corner. Anyone else experience this?
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    Favorite Homebrew Games!

    [Prometheus] [Removed due to the file in question being a hacked ROM image] [update] [~Levi~] Working on extracting the IPS file and uploading it to my server, please wait...] Just crashed headlong into this. So far after getting to Oil Ocean, I'm loving the idea. Plays very fluently, and I...
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    Audio Problem

    I've had issues with Audacious skipping like mad on whatever song I'm playing whenever I enable/disable wifi. Weirdest issue I've had with that. Now mind you this also happens when loading chromium up but I expect that's more of a lack of resources. I can't imagine why starting/stopping wifi...
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    Super Bat Puncher! Surprisingly fun to play. I would highly recommend trying this on a Pandora =)
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    Ohhhh Prometheus... =3

    Unsure if its old news to you or anyone else, but I cannot be of the only opinion that this is fucking awesome. It must be shared with the biggest Megaman / Rockman fan I've ever known! ;D
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    Old Audio Equipment

    Slightly bored, googleing for images of my stereo just isnt working.. so I took some of it in action! Tuner Unit itself under my 360 and Wii: The TV and other things seen to the right of the previous pic: Bed, Surrounded with these beasts. >=D Excuse the semi mess, its a lazy...
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    Calling all Poke`Mon fans! Pokemon Global Link is up for all regions! Check it out there ^
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    Heres something useful

    Sharing anything on the 3DS longer than 16 characters isn't possible on the 3DS for Mii's or your status updates etc. I found this just now, hopefully it catches on pretty heavily.
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    Yeah, I'm just starting to notice the coined "Purple Tint Of Death" again is plaguing my Pandora's screen. I'll send it back again for another repair when it gets unbearable. =( Thankfully its an easy fix from ED, I just dislike any time without the Pandora accompanying my roster of electronic...
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    Internet Connection Speeds!

    Home Internet Speedtest Website: Ill start off: Edit@ 12:59a 1/1/11 Perhaps this is my New Years gift for working tonight I get home to my connection blazing fast. Happy New Year all!
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    Gparted wont format cards..

    Something about it failing to notify the kernel whenever I try formatting any card I put in. Seems to nicely corrupt the partition though when I try formatting a card. =) Any help guys?
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    .mkv files with Mplayer?

    Topic says all. Friend of mine passed along a few files, playing them on laptop with VLC is fine. Pandora with Mplayer stutters with a few seconds of audio and refuses to show any video, then stops. How can i install the proper codec, or can i use VLC on the Pandora? Any input guys?
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    Gah, blinking console line on Pandora' boot..

    ..should I reflash? This happens whether or not I have an SD inserted in my Pandora. After the initial startup logo and "loading bar" screen all I get is the blinking cursor as X attempts to load up ( Its not a prompt I can do anything with, just a blank screen with that cursor in the far top left )