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  1. gwaine

    Selling Mint Condition 1 GHz Open Pandora, Official Case, 2x 64GB SD Cards

    Hi All...I've got an auction up for a mint condition 1 GHz model: I'm a video game collector and this thing has been babied since I bought it new from It comes with 2 64 GB cards and the official case, the box, battery...
  2. gwaine

    Pandora Cases on ED's site are Nice

    Hey my case from ED's site and it's really nice.  Fits the Pandora really well, it's well made and provides great protection.  I recommend them if you're looking for a case:
  3. gwaine

    I Want To Revive Turbografx/pc Engine Emulation

    Hey Everybody, I'm a new gp2x owner and I love it. PicoDrive makes the system worth it itself (thanks notaz), but playing Super Punch Out on the SNES emulator and Megaman on the NES emulator is just unreal. I would love to bring TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine emulation up to the level of PicoDrive...