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    Other Open Source Handhelds?

    So I haven't been here in ages, I gave up on the wiz, between the lame releases, the lack of a following, the lack of attention from Game Park and them already releasing a new product before the other one got any of a following. I looked at the other open source handhelds and then I looked down...
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    Good Old Games

    So inspired by the worst game ever thread, I Thought I would post this link. No this is not me trying to advertise...sorta, more like making everyone aware of it who might find it useful. Good Old Games is owned by the developers of "The Witcher" game that came...
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    Ufo: Alien Invasion gotta love those xcom games :D
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    Net Clone played the hell out of this game, could work very well on the wiz including a touchscreen version of it :) friend of finished the 75x75 wrapping table of it :| took a few days
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    Only game available is shanghai which doesn't work on 1.1.0 and quite a few comments on the download site stating it doesn't work.
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    Tv Out

    Search brought up nothing for me. I bought a wiz for the tv ou function seeing as I saw it advertised but apparently GPH couldn't get it to work (good job guys!) Anywho, glad the pandora is going to have it, how is it going to work? S-Video? Composit? If it's s-video what kind of converter...
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    Gamegear Emulator

    I can't remember if there was a topic about this or not, I can't for the life of me get the search engine to respond. I think theres currently 1 emualtor from like alexkidd or something like that but it was a crashfest bugged program, is there any other emulators out that'll run game gear games?
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    What's Going On With The Official Wiz Site?

    It's been the same for months now other than a couple new games in the built in games. Where is this game? Wasn't on my wiz and I haven't seen a link to download it anywhere.
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    Scorched Earth/worms Like Game

    Just realized the wiz has neither of these style of games, personally I could see a great deal of fun coming from a clone of either of these :D
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    Quick Flashgame Remake? fun game would be cool to have on the wiz, but seeing as our flash player is next to useless.
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    Dink Smallwood! possible yess yess!?
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    Free Batman: Arkham Asylum W/ Purchase Of Geforce 200 Series Just in time cause I Wanted to buy the game AND a new video card...w00t
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    Wiz Macro Shot

    probably the wrong section but I was bored and thought I'd do a macro shot of the wiz, unfortunately with the power of this picked up all the god damn dust specs lol, I edited out most of the bigger specs I'm thinking about doing and HDR version of it
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    Anyone Else Into Sushi?

    So after years of thinking it's disgusting etc, my GF finally got me to try it a month or so ago cause she's in love with it. Wow is it yummy It's really not as extreme as I had thought it was after all these years. Philly rolls, california rolls and crunchy rolls are the best!
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    Alexkidd2X (Gamegear)

    Anyone having much luck with this emulator? The shinobi gamegear was one of my favorites and it doesn't play, the emulator itself seems really finicky as well.
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    Gpsp Audio Lag

    I think that's the GBA emulator anyways, anywho when playing a lot of games I've started to notice an audio lag thats there for ALL the castlevania games. It's about 1- 1 1/2 seconds delay of everything related to audio. If I throw my whip/sword out, the sound comes a tid bit late. I dunno shit...
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    Get Crazy Machines 2 (pc Game) For Free From Pny

    1. go to 2. create a account (There is no activation, so feel free to lie about everything, including email address) 3. go to 'spin the weel' 4. Spin the wheel to get "free copy" 5. Receive a key 6. Follow the instructions on how to download, register your key, and...
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    How Do You Overclock?

    I found pickles lil overclocking file but I didn't know what to do with it, and I can't seem to find it again lol
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    A Thank You To The Dev's Of The Wiz

    First handheld I've owned since the gameboy advanced and before that, the sega game gear. I downloaded a rom pack off of torrents ages ago and someone included a txt file talkign about the GP2X but figured it was only for the emulators etc, never really looked into it. Well I had extra cash to...
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    What's Occupying Your Wiz?

    As the title states, what's taking over your wiz atm? Read about advanced wars on GBA and thought it looked was I wrong, such a fun little game. I keep trying ot go back to NES and what not but for some reason I just can't get back into those games.