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    The Ultimate Flu -> Blu Thread

    Ok Ive got a Flu, had it over a year and im happy wi it. Altho i must admit the washed colour sometimes gets to me and ive been thinkn about gettn a Blu n givn me Flu away. Im pretty sure i will get 1, but ther are some Qs that id like to ask about it, and it also may help others. Can u switch...
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    Firefox And Live Bookmarks

    i recently got latest firefox and thers a live bookmarks feature that seems pretty good. for example u can look at all the latest news headlines in a menu without even goin to the webpage. on firefox site it says to enable it on a site u click on rss in bottom right corner of browser. on...
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    3d Graphics N Sound In 64kb!!

    Sorry if this has been posted b4 it is a lil old. But take a look at this site Thers demos with 3d graphics n sound packed into 64kb! Wow! such as and and even a fps game...
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    Gp32 Cleaning Time!

    I know I aint the only one that gets irritated with the trapped dust behind the screen, so is ther any easy way or guide or anything on cleaning it? I read a while back somebody damaged ther screen while trying to get rid of the dust and id prefer not to do this! Is it poss to just open it up...
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    Agp (pci Mode)

    I've got a NVIDIA Geforce Ti 4800 se on Windows XP In the adapter information it says Bus: AGP (PCI mode) Does this mean its not running as fast as it should? As I have a 8x AGP capable motherboard. I shouldn't have to make any changes in the bios because I've noticed in win 98 (i have...
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    I'm thinking of getting some new speakers for my PC, maybe some 5.1 digital ones, but I've read on some sites that you dont get the full surround sound in games with digital speakers and the 5.1 only work right while watching DVDs! Can anyone help me out?
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    U.S. Jet Bombs England

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    Frodo beta 9

    How slow am I? I've only just noticed theres a new beta of frodo out! Just getting it now. Any comments on this version?
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    E-books on the GP

    I have some e-books in the pdf format and i'm sure theres no pdf veiwer for the gp, so does anyone know of a way to convert them to text files so I can use lazy reader to view them? I have found some but they're only demos that can do 2 pages at a time, I'm kinda hoping that someone knows of any...
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    Has anyone here had any problems emailing I have a problem with my gp32 and emailed them about this and I recieved one asking if i wanted a replacement. Every email I have sent since they have not replied to. I am a patient person and understand people can be busy but this has been...
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    Ideas for possible future versions

    I'd really like to see some kind of bookmark feature so you don't have to scan all the way to certain parts. Also possible support for long file names ;) B)
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    C64 Blast Disk Collection

    I've recently started to download the C64 blast disk collection (would love to tell you where from but I can't :D ) and i've noticed when loading them you just get the numbers not the actually game names. I have a text file on my gp with the game names on but is there a better way of doing it...
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    A Button

    I think this has been asked before (sorry) but i've not read a solution to it. My A button has lost the click and it makes it quite difficult to play sometimes. :ph34r:
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    Does this site look familar?

    Does this site look familar? :D
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    A football question

    I've been doing these trivia questions and I'm stuck on this question and I can't find the answer anywhere, can any of you guys help me? Romanian footballer who cost West Ham United £2.4 Million but only played 6 games? :blink:
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    Darts GP32 v0.2 released

    Darts GP32 v0.2 released by Guyfawkes Go here to download.
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    Any alternatives to Virtualdub?

    Well are there? Virtualdub keeps crashing, locking, bsod & I sometimes get the message Program failure crash reason access violation. btw I'm using it on win98se. :(
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    Does anyone know if Frodo has been discontinued because I'd really like an update on it, or mabe even a new C64 emulator (fC64 ?) I managed to get Bruce Lee working on FrodoPC (wouldn't work on Frodo, not too sure what the difference is) and it is practically impossible to jump! Pressing UP to...
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    SMC in the UK

    Does anyone know where you can get the cheapest 128mb SMCs in the uk? B)
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    GPChord released

    You may have read the discussion about this in the cool ideas forum well i've made this for all you guitar players. Download it from here Let me know what you think. B) Thanks to Xyo for uploading it.