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  1. kirkanoss

    Microsoft XBOX Series X

    for some reason made me think of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  2. kirkanoss

    Wow really RockS just wow

    was so hype for rdr2 on pc i had to preorder it will got it as a gift and got 2 free games from it aswell both can't really play tho and was like thats not good rdr2 better work, didnt think would be a problem it is not a 10 + year old game like the others. and then yesterday happened spent...
  3. kirkanoss

    EpicGames Client ?? What do you think about it ?

    i missed the free game but got 2 for free when pre ordering rdr2 pc via the launcher:(, gta vc little buggy but can play but SA is unplayable just sad
  4. kirkanoss

    [SOLD] Collection of retro-handhelds

    would love to jump on these but out of work for some time was getting poisoned at work from cleaning fumes last time had to go straight to the ER anyways lost my job of 13 years they have been fighting me the whole way wouldn't even pay for the ambulance ride from work to the ER when i was on...
  5. kirkanoss

    Playdate - that monochrome handheld with a crank

    i here i was thinking the crank was going to charge it lol need some coffee
  6. kirkanoss

    From Greece with love.

    was rereading that thread was some crazy times back then just wish link knew to clap his hands where the blisters were forming could have saved him some pain)
  7. kirkanoss

    The Lottery and Gambling Thread

    also don't forget someone has to right the code for the "random number gen"
  8. kirkanoss

    I'm not dead yet...

    get better ed need to get yourself some 50mg zinc supplement take one every other day after eating and full glass of water helps a lot
  9. kirkanoss

    GoldenEye: Source

    thanks for the info went and grabbed it after i saw your post needed to dl steam also and it also uses Source SDK Base 2007 and from what i was reading 2013 sdk is needed to run it on linux and would be a huge re coding. sad also no single player mode and no ai dev working with them so might not...
  10. kirkanoss

    World of Warcraft

    if you have a good nvidia video card in a pc at home can use a nvidia shield tablet's game stream. i used to love wow myself and wanted to see it on the go, really wasn't bad. was running it on my gf's laptop and she runs it on max setting and look really nice streaming not much lag but due to...
  11. kirkanoss

    128 Gig SDHC Cards

    picked up a 128gb from newegg for good price few months a go and have had it formatted ntfs and works good really think you got fake tho:( think i paid around 60 but was good sale. anytime i buy sd cards i always loot around to see what they are selling for and discard any price far under the...
  12. kirkanoss

    Pandora Won't Boot or Charge, Battery is Good

    have you tried a different charger would try a psp charger if you can get your hands on one and let it charge awail
  13. kirkanoss

    What is missing

    i thought i was the only one not really getting what he is trying say
  14. kirkanoss

    More Pandoras soon at the shop!

    dam really $70 in shipping for pandora guess i will just have to wait for pyra but how could i pass up a 1ghz mega pack ordered lol
  15. kirkanoss

    LCD Cables and refurbished Pandoras

    wow thought today was going to be a good day 1st time i got more then four hrs a sleep. just to wake up and see that the 1ghz mega packs were back in stock got the email at 7:18 am and now at 10:30ish gone. are there going to be any more being produced or i'am i just wasting my time yhanks  
  16. kirkanoss

    Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    amazing work, i swear you just never know from day to day what all of the great minds of this forum will turn out three cheers for you all
  17. kirkanoss

    Anyone want some tinybobs and ext connectors already assembled

    would love a few myself back in upsate ny usa myself what you asking for them
  18. kirkanoss

    The Pyra is crying!

    gratz everyone working so hard to make this come togather and a big thank you for it
  19. kirkanoss

    WTB Pandora Classic

    well with everything going on with the pyra dev and was getting ready for gamescom and also time for life guessing no time to build and get units ready for sale but heres to hoping in afew more dozen would like to get my hand on a 1ghz before they are gone