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    Whats New In The Past Month

    Yeah, rather than browsing through all the topics i missed out in the past month *since May 15th i guess* i decided to ask what has been new. Just as major releases, news, and developments :D. That and my browser closed out on me and the forums didn't keep track of the page i had so it said...
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    Swf To Avi

    SWF files to AVI, although it would be only useful for flash movies, still neat and will provide GP Cinima owners *or moviepark, since default FR for most flash is 12 FPS* a good way to watch flash movies *not sure if it works with ones with loading button... need to try out another SWF soon.*...
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    How Did You Find Gp32

    Yeah, just wondering how people got to the GP32 scene... it's basicly like i never was not in it or somthing XD I found about it from 's Gp32->DC link
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    Pocket Interveiws K2yaa

    Interveiw Source: GP32News
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    Rpg Engine Demo

    guess a test of a new RPG engine is out :D
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    Encoding Troubles!

    Yeah, i've been using virtualdub, and after an hour or two, i actually got a AVI file to work and shiz, but the weird thing is the framerate and such is horrible and such, and it's 98 megs for 320x240 I encoded with XviD, but i'd rather use DivX, how do i encode DivX5.1 movie to DivX 4.12...
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    New Gp32 Mp3 Player

    Got info from who got it from GP32 Notebook *they have link on their page* Guess they will add some mroe fancy features to the already pretty good MP3 player
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    New Gamepark Firmware

    Seems like Gamepark is developing a new firmware. Neat really, hopefully it will be pretty good :D Although what would be really good is some info on interactive stuff like cell-phone link or online stuff :D
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    Super Famicast

    What, you might ask, does the DC have to do with GP32 news other than gp32->DC cable games? Well the author of the NesterGP(RIP) is making a port of SNES9x to the Dreamcast, in since the DreamSNES has long since been update and under covers for their operation Link...
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    TI-83 Games

    As with the 15day competition, Falldown was made a game for the GP32, i was thinking *since i cannot do things myself due to the lack of coding skills/time* that someone can make GP32 versions of other popular games. I only have 1 other game i know is only on Ti-83+ which is Subhunt. but there...
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    My personal settings

    ehh showoff thread So how you like them? *the samurai dude is just a color edit *i made it look cool, but it kept the same colorscheme** but the thing inside the GP32 screen *sig* is copyright ThndrShk2k :D
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    where can i get some programs to tell what the current clock speed, how much memory left on the SMC and other shiz?
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    Bios Monitor

    ^^;; i keep getting Mr. Spivz BIOS monitor thingy when i try to run the recently made KOF91 FCS *attached in the thread* *i am using MultiFirmware2 from Mr.Spiv*