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    How Do I Load Games With Outcast?

    First of all, I know that the Emu has been around for quite some time, and that there are a lot of threads here on it. I have spent the better part of the morning reading them, reading the "read me" that comes with the Emu, and even watching videos on Youtube, and I still haven't been able to...
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    Is It Possible To Run Swos At Full Speed?

    I am having a hard time believing that the GP32X can't emulate SWOS at full speed, but the truth is that I have been trying for all most an entire week without any luck. I have tried several versions of both Dr. MD and Picodrive, and neither are capable of running the game at full speed. Those...
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    Anti-reflective Coating/film?

    Thanks for clearing that up. Now I know that it does exist and can be removed!!! Since you've already done it, I'd like to know if there is really a big enough difference to warrant removing it. If there is a big difference I'd be more than willing to take it off. If it's really not that...
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    Anti-reflective Coating/film?

    Hey gang I never gave this much thought, but reading some old posts on a Spanish Gp32 site they seemed to be saying that the Gp32 has a "anti-reflective" coating on the screen that is the cause that the screen looks darker than the Gp2x and that it can somehow be removed without damaging the...
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    I Want A Gp2x But...........

    I can tell you that the one emu that I have tried for the Neo Geo MVS system made the whole thing worth buying. If you like games like Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Double Dragon, the GP2X is a dream come true. I owned an original Neo Geo MVS console, and I can honestly tell...
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    Gururin, Yet Anther Gngeo2x Question

    Well I thought I had this emu figured out from front to back, being able to have all the "big" games finally work on it, but I've run into a problem with a very "little" rather obscure puzzle game. The game in question is Gururin, and it's only 889 kb's so you would think it would work just...
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    Man, I Missed Out On The Sega Nomad - Or Did I?

    Nope. Don't ask me why, but it doesn't work. H.G.
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    Snk Vs Capcom Help With Gngeo2x

    Antidark has a pack on the net with ALL the working roms!!!!!!! SNK vs Capcom is one of them, it works just fine for me. H.G.
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    Man, I Missed Out On The Sega Nomad - Or Did I?

    I have two Nomads, but since I got my Gp32 and GP2X they have been relegated to the closet!!!! Too much hastle, to get out the power supply cartridges, ect, when with one flick of a button I have the games running on my GP32. Of course the screen also has better resolution too. The only games...
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    Does Running Emulators At 266mhz Severly Change Battery Life?

    You can change that yourself editing the GnGeo config text document that comes with the emu. However, a MUCH easier way is to use the frontend Rage2x that you can download here. Not only can you change the cpu speed and turn the sound on and off, but also change region settings and change from...
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    A Question About Battery Removal..

    I use my finger, I don't say nails as I usually don't have long one's either, LOL. I must have smaller rechargables. I'd use something plastic like iignotus mentioned if you are worried about "dinging" the batteries. H.G.
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    Nimh Battery Problem

    Most batteries tell you to charge them longer the first time, so you are probably okay there. As for the Safety timer, if probably means that after the batteries are fully charged it switches to a "trickle charge" mode. Don't ask me what that is, lol, as I have no idea, but my battery charger...
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    Gngeo2x Rom Help

    I made a folder with the games and put them in the rom folder as specified. In the browser withing GnGeo2x, it finds the folders (i.e. mslug) but wont open them or open any of the contents. I'm asssuming these games are 'big roms', but I have no idea what that part of the readme is talking...
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    Tv Out - Sound Coming Out Of The Gp2x And Tv

    I've got 2.0 on mine, and using nubie's trick (BTW, he's "da man, LOL) but with a little piece from a cig box instead of the 3x5 index card, I've managed to eliminate the sound coming out of the Gp2x. If you've got a smoker nearbye, you might want to give it a try, LOL, H.G.
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    Gngeo2x Differences In Region Gamplay

    Well on just a quirk, I changed my region setting on Street Hoops from European to USA, and discovered that the game varies a bit. In the European "mode" you pick a country (Japan, Italy, ect) and play against the other countries. In the USA "mode" however, you get to pick a City (Phoenix...
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    Race - Neo Geo Pocket

    Thanks Alex, you couldn't have explained it any clearer, H.G.
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    Race - Neo Geo Pocket

    If it isn't too much trouble, could you tell me where you stuck the roms??? I can't get anything but bomberman to run. It doesn't even recognize the rest. I read the "read me" and can't find anything on it. Thanks, if I can get it running I'll see if I can help with the overclocking and...
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    I Need Help With Gngeo2x

    Got it and replied, H.G.
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    I Need Help With Gngeo2x

    You've got a PM dude, H.G.