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  1. r00tw00t

    Zodttd Out With A New Video
  2. r00tw00t

    Apple Buying Arm(?)

    According to this article Apple is trying to buy ARM. What would this do to a eventually Pandora 2?
  3. r00tw00t No More?

    Hello, I'm just curious why the change of domain name to Best regards
  4. r00tw00t

    New Mupen64Plus Video!
  5. r00tw00t

    I Have To Share This One!

    I don't know maybe you've seen it already- but for those who haven't and enjoy some 8-bit music: And of course, the video is freaking amazing, done with LEGO!
  6. r00tw00t

    New Video From Craig Niiice, but it's Michaels :D
  7. r00tw00t

    Release Main Site Update News

    QUOTE Hi, as everybody is waiting, I thought I'd post some status informations. I'll keep them up-to-date here, so everybody knows what's happening :) To-Do: * Get the final CNCed case (still waiting...) * Wait until the mould of the keymat is finished * Design the final keyboard layout *...