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    "faster delivery and upgrade" -is it true or bad joke?

    Hello, mr. ED! Wanted for "faster delivery and upgrade" 2 weeks, ready to pay, send filled upgrade request, trying to tell you to do something with this - here http://boards.openpa...agon-questions/ and here http://boards.openpa...6/page__st__160 now I decide to start my own topic to...
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    my home address changes

    Two monthsTM ago me and my family change the homeplace. I'm send leeter to with my Google order number and new address info. How can I confirm that openpandorasales send Pandora (if they will do it some year, at last) to my new address? maybe I must to do...
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    what languages Pandora supporting?

    Can't find system languages list on Pandora.. Is russian lng. supported? Thanks!
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    DooM][ editor tools port request

    For making my mods and maps for Zdoom and Skulltag (and another DooM][ ports ) in travel with Pandora I need this two progs - 1) Doom builder - This is a map editor for DooM 1-2 and Hexen, Heretic, and other games on DooM engine (Strife, for example) Doom...
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    Dual PS/PS2 Controller to USB 2.0 PC Joystick Adapter

    Answer please, who can know exactly - this item will work or not on OpenPandora? Dual PS/PS2 Controller to USB 2.0 PC Joystick Adapter link
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    Skulltag linux version

    I'm interesting in this - Skulltag - Skulltag is a port for the original Doom and Doom II by id Software, with excellent online play. It must be great to run it on Pandora - who can say me, please, is it can be possible, and how difficult to make it works? Thank you! For people, who...
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    alternative payment

    Two weeks of google checkout torture gives me nothing, I can't make payment this instrument, so please openpandorasales team give me some another possibility to give you money. Spending of my time and nerves are too mucn more than Pandora costs :( thanks.
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    google checkout

    "Your MASTERCARD card ending in xxxx was declined. " - It just decine my master card, and tell NO REASON!!! all forms filled 100% correctly 7 (seven) times! with same result! card is working, I'm use it for web shopping with PayPal. I can't buy Pandora cause this stupid google checkout...