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  1. atomicthumbs

    Another "what changed" thread

    I made one of these a while back. Today, I got my Pandora back from EvilDragon, all fixed up, after a year lying dormant in my house with a broken LCD cable. What's changed since around this time last year? I'm seeing a lot of talk about 1ghz Pandoras, and my Pandora now says "Super Zaxxon"...
  2. atomicthumbs

    Warranty return procedure

    Hello! I posted a while back about returning my Pandora for repairs. I tried the methods people suggested, but recieved no response at all. Is there someone else I should contact? Has the method for returns changed? I'd like to have my Pandora back since I've been saving my classic game-playing...
  3. atomicthumbs

    Warranty repair procedure?

    I just found my Pandora under a thing. Shameful, I know. I got it back in July or June (I forget), the LCD cable (one of the last of the bad ones) failed a couple weeks later, and I didn't want to deal with our postmaster to send it to England (he is an unpleasant man). I emailed...
  4. atomicthumbs

    Fast LCD cable failure?

    It seems I only just got my Pandora in the mail (on the 14th), but I opened it a few minutes after starting my music, and there was nothing but a black screen. I restarted it, and it gave me what looked like a bar code, but nothing more. Backlight's still on, though. With the screen being...
  5. atomicthumbs

    What'd I miss?

    I finally sent my Pandora back (in April), and got it back last Saturday. It became unusable (early unit problems; LCD cable, nub, etc.) in late September, and I stopped paying careful attention to the Pandora scene after that. What's new and exciting?
  6. atomicthumbs

    Let Go Of My Pandora By Accident

    I felt my Pandora slipping out of my hand while hiking and attempting to change the song that was playing. I held out my other hand to catch it, but it flew up instead of down. I have been led to understand that the Pandora is supposed to fall towards the nearest object with the highest mass...
  7. atomicthumbs

    Led Suggestions

    I have some suggestions to improve intuitability of the LEDs and add to the amount of data they provide. I'm glad that they're all under software control. LEDs numbered from left to right, 1234 5678. 1/2. Current function: SD activity (read, write, or both? not sure). Suggestion: Turn on LED...
  8. atomicthumbs

    Nub Replacement Question

    My nubs have decided to test the boundaries of their freedom, and the left one is no longer returning to center consistently. I'm gonna need to have them replaced (along with my LCD cable) when I can finally ship my Pandora off to England. My question: can the nubs be desoldered, or will the...
  9. atomicthumbs

    Calculator App

    Could someone PND up a calculator? The Pandora doesn't really have one unless you count Gnumeric. Slcalc and xcalc both look nice.
  10. atomicthumbs

    Android Poll.

     For easy judging of the opinions of the forumsphere. Post comments on the poll here, post comments on the debate here.
  11. atomicthumbs

    Anyone Else Taken Yours Outside?

    I took mine on a hike. Other than these shots, it was safely nestled in my jacket pocket (the digital camera pocket on my ScottEvest jacket seems like it was made to hold a Pandora).
  12. atomicthumbs

    Pencil Face

    Pencil Face .
  13. atomicthumbs

    Turnaround Time On Warranty Repairs?

    My Pandora is a sad panda. Its LCD cable is fudged and the screen turns purple and/or green. The right nub also needs replacement; it feels like it's getting caught on corners inside the nub. Question to people who have had theirs repaired: what kind of turnaround time can I expect? My family...
  14. atomicthumbs

    Unbricking My Pandora

    I need help unbricking my Pandora. I changed nothing except installing Elements onto the SD card (which shouldn't really make a difference), but now it gets almost to the end of the loading bar during bootup and stops. How can I unbrick my Pandora, or figure out what's causing this? I'd prefer...
  15. atomicthumbs

    Pandora Problem And A Warranty Problem

    My Pandora has a problem: it turns purple and green depending on what angle I hold the screen at. It's still usable, because it stays normal when it's all the way open or at 90 degrees, but I must return it because I fear it may become worse. I assume this is an LCD cable problem. My question...
  16. atomicthumbs

    Is Anyone Working On Porting Lemonboy2X?

    Just wondering. I'd like to have a dedicated Game Boy Color emulator. :)
  17. atomicthumbs

    Installing Mpd

     Installing MPD (Music Player Daemon, a music player taking the form of a server and a client) from the Angstrom repo is a bit troublesome, as it requires libvorbis, which is apparently in the firmware but not as a package: Installing libvorbis (1.2.0-2.5) to root... Downloading...
  18. atomicthumbs

    Become Smooth

    xfce menu > settings > appearance > fonts enable antialiasing. set hinting to full. set sub-pixel order to RGB. voila. everything looks much better I feel like this should be the default in the next firmware release; other people should see if I'm correct or not
  19. atomicthumbs

    Pandora Resetting When Bumped? Fix It!

    Mine did this when I put it in my pocket and bumped it against anything (or moved around). Just shove some newspaper or something between the battery door and the battery before you insert them both on/into the Pandora. This fixes it.
  20. atomicthumbs

    Opening Pnds On Windows?

    I'm trying to open the Chromium PND, so I can try to get a beta version with working SSL crammed in there, but I can't open it as an ISO in 7zip. How are you people opening them?