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  1. geo12

    Last Of The Mahicans (?)

    So I pre-ordered a Pandora on the first day, and just as I was getting worried, I got my confirmation e-mail earlier today! Any other first-dayers out there, or was I the last one (hopefully!)?
  2. geo12

    What Is Current Status Of Craigs Queue?

    Not sure of my number but ordered on the first day and still waiting. It'd be nice to get an email confirming I didn't fall off the list over the years.
  3. geo12

    Cave Story / Ginge(GP2X wrapper)

    EvilDragon has the source from the gp2x port. We, sadly, do not.
  4. geo12

    Angry Post

    I'm just glad we're not in the dark!
  5. geo12

    Gp2X Or Gp32 Emulators?

    The gp32 emulator on the gp2x never really got to a playable stage. The only working gp32 emulator remains GeePee32 for the PC, which I suppose could be ported if someone could find the source. Though Willrandship makes a good point...unless you really want to play those gp32 commercial games...
  6. geo12

    No Silkscreen Possibly?

    Just because they put a lot of time into it doesn't mean it's that important. I have a feeling that designing the silkscreen was the only step they could do while they waited for other parts of the production from other places. But if it's now causing manufacturing problems and thus delays it...
  7. geo12

    We Are Still Doing The Boards+Population In The Usa, But It Looks Like I'm going to act like a consumer of a regular product and leave this issue to the manufacturers.
  8. geo12

    Usa Shipment Method - What Will It Be?

    Haha yes. Oh, the Christmas presents!
  9. geo12

    No Silkscreen Possibly?

    I don't really care for the silkscreening, but I think we can find a middle ground that we can all [mostly] agree on. Keep the power label and the LED labels (and maybe the silly "first batch" logo) and get rid of the rest. With less printed on the case, there's less to mess up. Also, the only...
  10. geo12

    Offical Blog: When In Panic, Fear Or Doubt ...

    I'm just worried that OP's reply to the latest factory e-mail was something like, "OK, thanks for caring so much about the quality of our little Pandora machine :rolleyes: " I want to know that the team is pressing the factory to make sure that they're getting the work done and to let them...
  11. geo12

    How Much Time Take Cancellation?

    don't worry, you can just add yourself to the first batch list again in two months™
  12. geo12

    The Touchscreen And The Hinge

    Can't one of the devs have a friend over to hold the camera for them? That way we'd actually be able to see someone holding the pandora without outstretched arms and looking at a strange angle. Just a thought if another video is being done soon. Or is this whole project too secret to reveal to...
  13. geo12

    Sending Back My Laptop

    I should probably start another topic for this, but what is the best brand of mid-sized laptop. I was looking into the Lenovo Ideapad, but I hear they have problems. Opinions?
  14. geo12

    Game Parks Pandora

    That doesn't look like an XGP to me.
  15. geo12

    Have The Moulds Been Ordered? If So, When?

    I just want to get it before I leave for college (August 16). Is that really too much to ask?
  16. geo12

    About Modding A Gp32 Flu. Thanks For Help.

    My gp32 FLU was modded with a glass screen and the light still worked fine.
  17. geo12

    Ten Gp32 Games You May Have Missed

    I forgot how great those games are. Nazca Dreams is awesome--I used to play it all the time. And Lacuna is one of the most addicting games ever.
  18. geo12

    Should We Move? - Forum Transfer Discussion

    I go away for one weekend and miss the most dramatic thing to ever happen on this forum <_< . Well I'm glad it all worked out. It would have been disappointing to have to move after so many years. I think it's important for all of us to put this tiff behind us and embrace the future of the...
  19. geo12

    Sdk Kits/game Making Kits?

    I'm looking forward to java programming since it's the only thing I have experience in. Tried SDL but C++ is so confusing!
  20. geo12

    Let''s Make Up Pandora Marketing Slogans!

    Pandora - We'll release it when the human brain catches up.