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  1. NEIL L

    New To Wiz - Some Questions...

    To get the ini files to show up in the 'Wiz Games' menu they need to be in the game folder on the SD card. (Just put the downloaded 'game' folder straight onto the SD card.) If you get stuck there's a help page here: Cheers...
  2. NEIL L

    Io Port Board

    I've been informed by chris_c that this has now gone. :(
  3. NEIL L

    Io Port Board

    PM sent. :)
  4. NEIL L

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    I've put a request for a port on the GP2X forum in the 'Cool Ideas and other wishes' section. (Here: ) Hopefully somebody can port it. Cheers, Neil
  5. NEIL L

    Unreal Speccy Portable

    This ZX Spectrum emulator has just been released for the Wiz (,0,0,0,72,511 ) and the Caanoo (,0,0,0,72,583 ) but not the GP2X. :( Could somebody port this? (The above post was taken from here...
  6. NEIL L

    Pocketsnes V7.0

    I just noticed on NewsWeez that a new version (v.7.0.1) is out: We always seem to be a step behind gp32spain for news. Could this be uploaded to the archive? Cheers, Neil
  7. NEIL L

    Picodrive 1.80

    Excellent job on this update. :) A quick question could there be seperate settings for the Master System for scaling & button mapping etc? (and the Game Gear when we get it) as I run Mega Drive games unscaled but I scale all the Master System games. Cheers, Neil PS. Could the GP2X archive...
  8. NEIL L

    Before We Were Dead 1.1

    Thanks for the update. :) Could this be uploaded to the archive? (Here: ) Cheers, Neil
  9. NEIL L

    Why So Little Rpg On Gbc?

    After browsing the web on this subject, I found these RPG lists on GameSpot UK: Game Boy: Dragon Ball Z: Goku Gekitouden Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishouden Dragon Slayer Gaiden Dragon Slayer I Final Fantasy Adventure Final Fantasy Legend II Final Fantasy Legend III The Final Fantasy Legend Great...
  10. NEIL L

    Pocketsnes V7.0

    At the moment you'll have to download it from here: along with PCSX4ALL, WS4ALL & GINGE (There's a newer version of GINGE on the archive) Hopefully the others will be put seperately on the archive soon (along with the games from the compo) Cheers, Neil...
  11. NEIL L

    Porting My Games To Caanoo

    Nice to see you back on board, any news on Blingo 2008 or Space Varments 2? or these? Cheers, Neil
  12. NEIL L

    Scummvm1.1.1 Wiz

    Thanks. :) 24.2 miles (according to the AA route planner) :) I don't suppose you have an unbricking cable? (As my Wiz is dead) :(
  13. NEIL L

    Scummvm1.1.1 Wiz

    Excellent news. Will the old version on the archive (here:,0,0,0,26,212 ) be updated? Cheers, Neil
  14. NEIL L

    2Nd Gp32Spain Gp2X-Wiz Contest: Results And Downloads

    Are the entries going to get uploaded to the Wiz archive? We're still missing a few entries from the PACC compo: Dishes War, Snails, Adamant Armor Affection II & Undead Delivery Service. (Along with a few from other systems) Cheers, Neil
  15. NEIL L

    Need F100 Joystick Tester For Warehouse Panic

    Is this the one?,0,0,0,42,2627 Cheers, Neil
  16. NEIL L


    Have you tried the new Cave Story mod, Jenka's Nightmare yet? (Available here:,0,0,0,56,2852 ) I don't know if it will work through Ginge as I've bricked my Wiz. :( But it works fine on my F200. Cheers, Neil
  17. NEIL L

    Help! Win2X Problem- I Think?

    Yes, I've already tried that on 3 different cards with a fresh download each time and still a black screen. :( Cheers, Neil
  18. NEIL L

    Some Minor Caanoo News

    I brought this question up before in another post, could it be done? I'm a bit stuck at the moment though as I've got a bricked Wiz. :( (See here: ) If anybody can help please let me know, before I contact the AS...
  19. NEIL L

    [Caanoo] File Archive

    Thanks for fixing this. :) I've just noticed a few other 'wrapping' problems (that weren't there before): 1. GP32 - Development 2. GP2X - Development 3. GP2X - Visual Novels 4. Caanoo - Applications 5. Caanoo - Development 6. Caanoo - Emulators 7. Caanoo - Firmwares 8. Caanoo - Magazines...
  20. NEIL L

    Help! Win2X Problem- I Think?

    Thanks for the reply, I'll drain the battery overnight and try to reflash in the morning. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers, Neil Edit: I just tried the above, still a black screen. (I left it for over an hour after turning it on and holding the R button) :(