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  1. _wb_

    Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    I'm working on a new lossless image compression algorithm, called FLIF. It compresses better than PNG, lossless JPEG 2000, and Google's WebP format in lossless mode. It's also better at progressive decoding of partially downloaded files. Here's a little demo of that, comparing FLIF to PNG with...
  2. _wb_

    "Deep" thoughts on Socialism and Capitalism... (Split from retux thread)

    "Practice without theory is blind. Theory without practice is sterile." -- Karl Marx Both are needed if you want to do things right.
  3. _wb_

    Conclusion / synthesis of the keyboard poll results

    The final keyboard poll (]) is now over. 192 members have voted. These are the top three layouts: Layout 7: 83 votes Layout 1: 66 votes Layout 10: 53 votes Several people have indicated their reasons for voting...
  4. _wb_

    Action button labels, again

    Yes, I know this topic has been discussed before a lot already (e.g. here, here, here, here, here and here). But none of the earlier discussions have really lead to a convincing conclusion. Greek Playstation-like letters (Π Ω Δ χ) and Pandora-like Latin letters (A B Y X) were rather popular...
  5. _wb_

    Language poll

    This is just to get an idea of the languages used by people in this community, and the desires people have for the Pyra.
  6. _wb_

    Unofficial keyboard layout poll (bis)

    Yes, it's only two days after the first unofficial keyboard layout poll, but I still think it makes sense to have a new poll, since Several people consider the first poll to be flawed/biased; WizardStan has meanwhile made a proposal; So far, not a lot of people have voted in the first poll, and...
  7. _wb_

    Keyboard layout - how and when will it be decided?

    So, the physical keyboard layout is pretty much final for a while now, and we have had many long discussion threads about the functional keyboard layout, or at least the labels that will be put on the keymat. Several layout proposals have resulted from this. How do you intend to proceed now? -...
  8. _wb_

    Final keyboard layout proposals

    In this thread you can post finalized keyboard layout proposals, for reference. So please no discussions here, just finalized proposals, preferably in a self-explanatory image. I'll make this thread sticky to make it easy to find the proposals. If you want to discuss these proposals, there are...
  9. _wb_

    Mouse buttons on shoulders without losing shoulder modifiers

    What do you think? Did I miss something? Is this a good idea?
  10. _wb_

    Name of the extra modifier (Fn/Meta/Sym/...)

    The Pyra, like the Pandora, does not have enough keys to fit all symbols on just the keys and the Shift-keys. A third level is needed. On the Pandora this was called Fn. Unlike the Pandora, the Pyra's extra modifier will not be a "hardware" modifier -- meaning it is invisible/transparent to...
  11. _wb_

    12/11/12/11 keys per row instead of 11/12/11/12

    The current prototypes have 11 keys on the number row, then 12 keys on the next row, then 11 again and 12 again. Here's an idea: why not organize the keys in a different way: first 12 keys, then 11, then 12 again, then 11 again. I realize that this requires PCB changes and case/keymat changes...
  12. _wb_

    The big Pyra keyboard poll

    We have had a lot of Pyra keyboard threads now. Here are some of the most recent ones:]...
  13. _wb_

    Looking for draft readers [DUTCH ONLY]

    I'm currently writing a book on my Pandora -- it's by no means finished, there are still quite a few chapters (9 or so, out of 31 planned chapters) to be written, the chapters that are written could use some more flesh and texture, and even the plot is not fully finalized yet, but it's work in...
  14. _wb_

    Text content of the new website

    Perhaps it's a good idea to start a thread where we can brainstorm a bit about the text we will put on the website (as opposed to, say, its style, images, and organization). Of course the detailed technical specs are what they are, not much creativity required for that. There are already some...
  15. _wb_

    Case material and strength

    Some months ago ED mentioned that he was considering carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for the Pyra case. Is that still an option, or did it turn out to be a dead end? Of course the material is not the only thing that determines the strength of the case; the design also matters (thickness...
  16. _wb_

    Action button labels: poll 3 (final poll?)

    If you followed the previous threads, you'll know about the proposals by now. Option 1 is to keep the Pandora layout and add two buttons to that, e.g. like this: C  Y  A      B Z  X Option 2 is to switch to Greek letters (Pi, Delta, Omega, Chi plus two more), e.g. like this: ψ       Δ  Π ...
  17. _wb_

    Action button labels: poll 2 bis

    In the previous poll there were too many variants, which caused it to be hard to vote. Here are the generalized proposals, please rank all 5 of them from best to worst: 1) Pandora layout + 2 extra keys (A B Y X)   C  Y  A      B Z  X C1  Y    A       B C2  X     2) Non-Pandora Latin layout...
  18. _wb_

    Action button labels: poll 2

    [PLEASE READ THIS POST BEFORE ANSWERING THE POLL] Now we know what the layout will be for the 6 action buttons, I think it's time to have another poll. The Layout is as follows: + @ @   @ + @ where @ correspond to the Pandora action buttons and + are the two new buttons. I selected some...
  19. _wb_

    Pyra standby time

    I was reading some old thread and noticed this remark by notaz:   Is this something that will be taken into account for the Pyra? The Pandora currently consumes ~110mW when being completely idle and the lid is closed. Or ~95mW if the power led is disabled. What would it take to bring that...
  20. _wb_

    Action button labels: poll

    There has been a lot of discussion in -- maybe it is time to make a poll now. One fundamental question is: are Latin letters (e.g. A B C X Y Z) acceptable or not? It has been argued that since we already have a keyboard which has...