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  1. traylorpark

    Playdate - that monochrome handheld with a crank

    It's pretty neat! Super pocketable. I imagine you could likely dev for the thing on the Pyra too .... maybe ...
  2. traylorpark

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    Yeah, its wicked frustrating that Unity can't export to Linux ARM ... it's sooo close! I was wondering what kind of magic you were doing performing to get it running.
  3. traylorpark

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    This looks neat! What engine are making this in?
  4. traylorpark

    Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra?

    Heh, thank you and that aint coming.
  5. traylorpark

    Anyone actively developing games for the Pyra?

    I'm working on a graphics demo of sorts! But it relies on Godot, and 3D ;) aaaaand a Pyra.
  6. traylorpark

    Pyra pictures (spoilers)

    Yeah, you guys nailed it! When @EvilDragon and I were discussing the concept, we agreed that something a bit more unorthodox from the regular tech styled packaging would be fitting for the Pyra. The whole idea is that you're about to start on an adventure of your own making.
  7. traylorpark

    Just a quick heads up

    Oh man, I'm getting psyched! Awesome thing are coming :)
  8. traylorpark

    Pyra TWO MONTHS - Now on Steam and!

    This looks awesome! I cant wait for it to kick my ass.
  9. traylorpark

    It reminds me of the Pandora!

    *cries in CMYK*
  10. traylorpark

    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    Let's mark that down as one of the most useful posts ever! GFlops don't tell the whole story of course, but it does help add to it. As a little aside, I'm playing Mario 3D All Stars, and checking out Mario Galaxy for the first time. What strikes me is that, while the game is not super modern by...
  11. traylorpark

    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    Cool! I'm not very programmery, so I am quite beholden to any game engine and its capabilities (likely godot in gles2 mode). But that said, I am super interested in experimenting with the graphics capabilities to see what's the prettiest image I can get on the hardware, while running at a...
  12. traylorpark

    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    Alright, here's a silly question: Regarding general graphical capabilities, which console would the Pyra be most similar to?
  13. traylorpark

    Pyra Game Dev

    I'm not the most technical person, but my understanding is that with 2.79 will be the last version to be able to use the GPU? 2.8 on might be able to be run in software. I don't have high expectations for Blender, but my hope is that 2.8 can run well enough to do the occasional mesh edit, like...
  14. traylorpark

    Pyra Game Dev

    Godot currently has a GLES2 back end :) I hoping it's possible to get a port running on the Pyra. Looking forward to seeing what kinda visuals can get squeezed out of it.
  15. traylorpark


    @ptitSeb is compiling SDL 2 for HardFP possible on the Pandora? If it is, I would like to give that a shot.
  16. traylorpark

    Decent Game Engine

    I know it's 2D, but I recommend trying Pico8 at the start. You'll learn a lot of basics working with that software. Blender, also has a game engine built in. It uses a logic brick system for the game's logic. Python can also be used.
  17. traylorpark


    Thanks for the recommendation, that certainly helped get things moving, at least the Pandora could try to run the binaries. So, Pico8 comes in 2 binary flavors, one compiled statically (doesn't need SDL2) and another dynamically loads libraries. After installing the "libbcmhost-shim" package...
  18. traylorpark


    Gah! I love Pico8! I'm dying to get this to run on my Pandora. Has anybody tried it? I've been trying all day to get it to run, looks like there are libraries missing, but I am starting to get out of the comfort of the kiddie pool here. It would be fantastic if someone else could give it a...
  19. traylorpark

    Paper Wars

    Hey guys! Sorry for not jumping in immediately, I wanted to take some time and think about how best to respond. Ha, thats a good place to start ;) I understand that sentiment. I am the only person to blame for this game getting stalled. I am also at fault for not recognizing my own...
  20. traylorpark

    SEGA Saturn info in Japanese?

    I dont understand Chinese, but I am guessing based on the content and context that he is refuting claims that the Saturn can't do transparencies and is inferior to the Playstation with regards to 3D performance. He appears to discuss the strengths of the two video chips, VDP1 and VDP2, and...