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    Where To Get Gp2X European Power Plug?

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of a european power cabble for my Gp2x and live in France. Anyone know a good online source and what the specs/descrition would be for what i'm after? thanks much
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    I Need A Tv Cable And Power Cable For Gp2X

    Hi All, I need to putchase a TV cable and European power cord for the GP2X and was hoping I could buy them from Deanextreme while ordering a Dingoo.... anyone know if they maybe have generic brand products that would work for these tasks? thanks
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    Anyone Willing To Finish Phoneme?

    Hi all, I'm a professional game artist who owns (and loves) a Gp2x unit. I've wanted to make games for it for a long time, but untill now it would have been difficult to do what I wanted. Now However, Multimedia Fusion 2 (Dev) allows for the export of games in j2me format! I';ve made a...
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    GP2X New Incentive To Finish Phoneme

    Hi everyone, I'm a professional pixel artist who's worked for Gameloft and Glu Mobile. I've owned a Gp2x for a few years now and always wanted to make some original games for the wonderful device. I've also been using Multimedia Fusion2 by clickteam and had finished several unprofessional game...