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    The Other Approved Names

    Jesus. After seeing the steaming pile of crap that is this list, am I the only one that thinks GPH dodged a bullet with the gp2x name, even if it is unoriginal?
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    Gp32 Flu + Smc's + Case

    Are you in the U.S.?
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    Anyone Willing To Part Out Their Broken Unit?

    Hi everyone, I'm having a couple issues with my FLU, whicch isn't under warranty, and I was wondering if anyone out there with a fried unit would be willing to sell me the parts I need at a reasonable price. First, I need a headphone jack. The part seems to be the same on all models of GP32...
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    Source For Headphone Jack Replacement?

    Hi All, I seem to have cracked the headphone jack on my FLU, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good source for small quanitites of this component. Scouring the web, I can only find it offered in quantities of 1000 or more! Here is the part number: TSH-3675(AJ332) If anyone can hlep me...