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  1. troy

    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    I would rather us start an effort to make the terminal accessible through tutorials and community effort than try and act like it's not an essential part of operating linux. If we want people creating new things on the pyra they're going to need to understand what they're working with.
  2. troy

    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    Running scripts is that "simple button", GUI is useless bloat for a good majority of this stuff. If you ordered a Pyra 5 years in advance I would hope you're into that nerdporn lmao
  3. troy

    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    If you want non-code solutions I think the Pyra will be a very disappointing console. It's got a keyboard with a semicolon for a reason.
  4. troy

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    Running through Unity's GLCore is about the same regardless, but I expect to probably have to backport a lot of code to an earlier version of Unity to get it to run.
  5. troy

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    It would be great to run the Android version, as I'm sure you can imagine it would be very close to what running native code would be like. There's not an easy way to run Android apps on a Pi or a Pyra as far as I know, so for the time being I'm working with what I got.
  6. troy

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    This is Unity, so I've had to duct tape a solution together with the gles2 backend and box86. (all hail ptitseb)
  7. troy

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    I'm hoping to get my Pyra shipping notification some time in the next few weeks, but I have already started the porting process on BRING IT DOWN!, a FPS Physics puzzle game where the objective is to raze some buildings with unconventional tools. More info and video of it running on the Pyra is...
  8. troy

    Pyra and Brexit

    LOL you people, as long as there's a thread up people will think there are issues where there's not. Here's a reminder If people affected by Brexit were having issues with recieving their Pyras/other things from the shop I would want them to get the help they need but as it stands it looks...
  9. troy

    Pyra and Brexit

    This is simply not a discussion about the Pyra. Perhaps the Dragonbox shop section would be a better fit.
  10. troy

    Pyra and Brexit

    Can this be moved to off topic or something? ED has commented that there's no issue and with Pyras actually arriving I don't think this thread makes sense
  11. troy

    Back from Greece.

    Hopefully this new company is as good as they seem to be, kind of crazy how of all the things the case ended up being the last thing to be completed.
  12. troy

    Back to normal!

    From what I understand the main consequence of disabling self-refresh is power consumption. I can't say for certain how much, so that's something ED will have to test. Assuming we still have decently long battery life, it's probably a compromise worth making at this point in the project...
  13. troy

    Ask the Dragon!

    I'm pretty sure us Texans are the majority of US Pyra owners so we can't be THAT lonely
  14. troy

    Sega Dreamcast, Saturn And Mega Drive Hardware Coming From Retro-Bit in 2018

    Autechre, it's not EvilDragon's job to defend these companies and I think your personal attacks on ED are unfounded. While I don't necessarily agree that they're operating under the license, they've given their reasoning (apparently approved by a lawyer) and unless it's proven otherwise in a...
  15. troy

    Racism towards greece

    Greek is not a "race" and if ED hated Greeks then he would have never done business with them in the first place. It's OK to take offense to ED's statement, but you are actively trivializing those who actually deal with racism with this overly dramatic thread.
  16. troy

    do you think pcsx2 could work

    Open source software doesn't mean you get to ignore basic facts. Here's play running on a Snapdragon 625, it's a much better SoC than the one in the Pyra, probably around 3 times better at least. That's what PS2 emulation would look like on the Pyra, but at a third of that speed. I wish...
  17. troy

    do you think pcsx2 could work

    I'm pretty well versed in emulation tech, and the short answer is no. PCSX2 requires a pretty decent PC which is several times more powerful than the Pyra in both CPU & GPU, and it's not like it was an optimized program to begin with. The long answer is that someone could work on a PS2 emulator...
  18. troy

    I'm out of ideas for news-titles

    Thanks for the update ED, glad to hear you have several options for cases as I feel that's going to be a big part of the Pyra lasting a long time as a platform.
  19. troy

    Pictures, Videos and thoughts of a Pyra dev-prototype

    [internal screaming]
  20. troy

    Update regarding the cases (and some other things)

    thanks for the update ED