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  1. PSyMastR

    Huawei's Umg181

    Hey, I searched and couldn't find any information on this device (using google, and I searched the forums). The Huawei's UMG181 is the only one to work with Tmobile USA's 3G network, so I was wondering if anyone knew if: a) it would be compatible with the pandora (I read it works with Intrepid...
  2. PSyMastR

    Some Questions About Sdl_setcliprect

    So, I loaded a surface in, that contains a whole bunch of images, for example, a tilesheet. Now, I want to split every tile into its own surface. What is the correct way to chop it up? CODE SDL_surface *temp = SDL_SetClipRect(old_surface, some_rect); Now, does that work at all, or does...
  3. PSyMastR

    Alternate Armstrong Boot-images

    Did you guys ever notice how unattractive the Armstrong boot up image is (like, the screen that shows it loading). Since we can rule out start-up animations for now, lets try to create an attractive splash screen so when we do restart the Pandora, it looks sexy. Here is my attempt at such a...
  4. PSyMastR

    What Font Does The Pandora Logo Use?

    What font does the pandora logo use, and could someone link a download for it?
  5. PSyMastR

    Usb Monitors? ?
  6. PSyMastR

    Ok, So I Feel Like An Idiot

    Coding in C++, using SDL. Hey everyone, so I decided to clean up my code and make it neater (using classes for sprites, instead of just a crapton of variables and lines of code in main). I somehow lost control of my player, where I get the data from an event poll. Before I had one event poll...
  7. PSyMastR

    Release Just wondering...

    Which would be better for the Pandora, 16bpp or 32bpp when making my application under SDL?
  8. PSyMastR

    It's Hit The Bigsites... Now We Wait!
  9. PSyMastR

    Did You Preorder?

    So, did you preorder?
  10. PSyMastR

    Something Like The Wii's Homebrew Browser

    Well, today I finally installed the homebrew channel on my Wii, and decided to see what cool apps there were. I came across the Homebrew Browser: Note: In the link, there is a youtube video if you scroll down. Look at that. What it does...
  11. PSyMastR

    Gp2x Community Game Contest: Community Favorite Winner!

    Bare Fist Fighter has won the Community Favorite award in the contest. Congratulations to GP2X_Coder for being the favorite of the community. You have won a copy of payback. To claim your prize, please contact us at the official email of the contest. I would also like to take this time to...
  12. PSyMastR

    Changes In Uboot?

    I heard that 3.0.0 brings about a new Uboot. What were the changes to it, and is it faster/better? And is it compatible with the 2.1.1 firmware?
  13. PSyMastR

    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Through the TV-cables, isn't the GP2x supposed to output full resolution (NTSC) if the video supports it, as my videos are all 640x480 which is standard resolution, and the gp2x outputs 320x240. Im on firmware 2.1.1 using the official media player (one that is built into firmware).
  14. PSyMastR

    Gp2x Community Game Contest: Winners!

    The winners have been calculated. :) Congratulations to the winners of this contest. Squares - 49 Bare Fist Fighter - 47 Laser2x - 44 Airplyr - 43.5 Altitude - 41 GoitGeePee - 39 Crossroads - 30 Cardmaster - 23.5 Grow - 22.5 Crapong - 18.5 Stairway to Heaven - 16.5 Prizes: 1st Place - 50% of...
  15. PSyMastR

    Gp2x Community Game Contest: Community Favorite Poll

    COMMUNITY FAVORITE Hello everyone, here is the poll for the community favorite game from the GP2x Community Game Contest. The winner of this poll will receive a copy of payback for the gp2x. Here is a chance that you can vote for your favorite entry. You can find all the entries here...
  16. PSyMastR

    Best Way To Take Screen Captures?

    Is there anything better then fbgrab2x?
  17. PSyMastR

    Gp2x Community Game Contest Only 3 Days Left!

    ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT!! So, this is just a friendly reminder to all the developers that the deadline is fastly approaching (only 3 days left). I hope you enjoyed coding your games as much as we are going to enjoy reviewing them. Good luck to everyone, and thanks to everyone who donated. To all who...
  18. PSyMastR

    New Squidgesnes & Picodrive Are Out

    Yep yep,0,0,0,5,1860
  19. PSyMastR

    -1 New Messages?

    WTF? lol. Why do I have negative 1 new messages, when in fact, I have 0 new messages, and many old ones?
  20. PSyMastR

    Gp2x Community Game Contest Only 2 Weeks Left!

    ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!! Thats right, there is only 2 weeks left until the deadline for the community contest. I want to take the time out to thank all of our wonderful donors for supporting this contest, as without you, there would be no contest. I would also like to take the time to wish all the...