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  1. SolarLune

    Pcsx Rearmed

    I would like to stop in just to say that this emulator seems to be running very, very smoothly. Not only does it seem faster than pcsx4caanoo, but it also seems more 'in control' (MM4 seems to be running at close to full-speed, without any additional overclock at 530 MHZ)! EDIT: Megaman Legends...
  2. SolarLune

    Adamant Armor Affection Adventure

    I actually liked the models. I thought the blood was a bit unnecessary, and the harsh language at the beginning wasn't necessary, as well (I didn't get what the point of it was). HOWEVER, the game itself is pretty great - I particularly like the tight controls and the ability to rotate the...
  3. SolarLune

    Blender Game Engine Runtime Port

    Hey. So, I know that this is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if anyone is fluent enough in C++ code to compile a runtime / method to play 3D Blender games on the Caanoo. It uses OpenGL, though I think the Caanoo uses OpenGL ES, so that is an issue. However, there already is a Linux and Mac...
  4. SolarLune

    New Caanoo Owner,what Should I Put On It Now ?

    I couldn't get the SOR Remake to work, unfortunately. In any case, it looked like a great game. Follow those up with Cave Story, Ruckman (does that work? I don't remember), Wind and Water Puzzle Battles, and Ginge to run those. In addition, get an NES emulator and some of those homebrewn NES...
  5. SolarLune

    Homebrewn Emulator Games

    Hey. So, I was looking around and found a nice NES game that someone had made named 'Super Bat Puncher!!!'. I watched the video - it looked pretty fun. At this, I thought, "Well, I'd like to play, but I don't have an NES emulator." I could have gotten one for the PC, but I didn't feel like it...
  6. SolarLune

    Gridspace - Work In Progress

    Huge mistake on my part guys - I wasn't saying that it was going to run on the Caanoo, but that I just bought and like the GPH Caanoo... In retrospect, it was a stupid thing to post. If there was a runtime available for the Caanoo to run Blender games in Multitexture or Texture Face mode, I...
  7. SolarLune

    Gridspace - Work In Progress

    Hey. Most of you may not know me, but I'm SolarLune, an independent game developer. I just wanted to pop up and say that I've been working on an independent game of my own called GridSpace. It's made with the Blender Game Engine, it's going to be for Windows and hopefully Linux and Mac OS X. It...
  8. SolarLune

    Whats Your Favorite Game?

    My SD Card failed for some reason. No matter what I tried, I can't recover anything from it. In any case, I still have everything on my computer, so no biggie. Best homebrew games might be Jump to the Moon and Animatch - both are very well made, and pretty fun to play.
  9. SolarLune

    Freeze Up After Playing Awhile?

    That's odd. Maybe you should re-flash your firmware.
  10. SolarLune

    What Do You Think The Gp3X / Caanoo 2 Should Have?

    They're getting closer, but there are a few things that should be improved. The next iteration / release of the Caanoo really needs built-in Wi-Fi, as well as (I would think) a faster CPU (for perfect PSX emulation, though that could be a lack of optimization on the emulator's part). A couple of...
  11. SolarLune

    What Do You Think The Gp3X / Caanoo 2 Should Have?

    I guess you're right about the release date... Still, improvements to the current Caanoo would be welcome - a mark II might get people to get in on the action.
  12. SolarLune

    Let Him Off The Hook

    Yeah, you may not want to go through with it. Alternatively, cancel your order and visit him in person - he's not going to give you an empty box for $29.
  13. SolarLune

    Let Him Off The Hook

    LOL - I don't think I'd buy anything from them. I'm guessing that they get your paypal / credit card info, which may be a scam, since even $30 USD is ridiculous. EDIT: @torpor - It looks kind of like one, but I'm not sure. I've never heard of a break out board for the Caanoo before... @R.B. -...
  14. SolarLune

    What Do You Think The Gp3X / Caanoo 2 Should Have?

    They are getting closer and closer - I bought a GP2X F-200, and the Caanoo is leaps and bounds ahead of that - it feels nice (the F-200 felt kinda boxy and large in my hands. The Caanoo is smaller and very comfortable). Also, the Caanoo has a nice software library already - the emulators are...
  15. SolarLune

    What Do You Think The Gp3X / Caanoo 2 Should Have?

    Hey. Just wondering what people think the next console from GPH should have. The Caanoo is nice, and I like it a lot, but there's a few things that could be fixed to make it a bit more powerful. Here are my suggestions. Faster CPU (above 1ghz would be nice, but only if it's cost-effective - I...
  16. SolarLune

    Just Got Myself A Caanoo

    Hey, welcome to the community. Glad people are picking up the Caanoo and checking it out. As to your question, Chase HQ appears to have been released on a pretty large array of platforms - an emulator for one of those platforms probably works on the Caanoo.
  17. SolarLune

    Caanoo Appstore

    Sepulpep makes a good point - if the download server's separated from the archive, then that will mean any developments will have to be submitted and updated on both fronts. If it's possible or efficient to work with OpenHandhelds, you may want to use that method instead.
  18. SolarLune

    Streets Of Rage Remake

    So, I downloaded SORR for Caanoo, but starting it just crashes the game (it doesn't load, and pushes me back to the Caanoo's GUI). Is there something more to making it run that I don't know about? And yes, the Bennu Runtime is in the correct location.
  19. SolarLune

    About To Buy A Caanoo. Questions.

    1. I don't know - I haven't tried it. 2. Pretty good - most games work well, and if they're slow, you can easily overclock it. Zelda, Mario, etc. work fine. 3. I don't quite know. 4. I'm not sure. 5. I think that the games work well - Sky Kid and Simpsons worked (I think). I know that Lode...
  20. SolarLune

    Caanoo - A Fail Console?

    I don't think that the Wiz and Caanoo are failures. I'm sure this has been contested thousands of times before, but here goes one last time. I don't know about Pandora, as I don't have one, but here's my understanding. Caanoo $134.50 (right now) Get your console in a matter of days. Emulates...