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  1. critical

    Embedded Systems Show 08 1st-2nd October

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else was going to the ESS next week. I'm doing Wednesday. Should be quite entertaining - there's a beagleboard hands-on class, and other fun.
  2. critical

    Gp2x Master Volume Control Released By Md81544

    MD81544 has just released his GP2X Master Volume Control utility. Source is available, and he has scripts to go with it to operate with autorun too. Very handy for setting the volume when launching things that don't provide any control of their own, or just to have a default that's more to...
  3. critical

    Uae4all Gp2x 0.6.0 First Release With Integrated Fame/c

    You can download 0.6.3 from until the archive here is updated. NOTE: 0.6.3 has a newly-named bitmap for the splash screen. It's gp2xsplash.bmp, and that MUST be copied over into the data directory - you can't just copy the .gpe or it won't work...
  4. critical

    Criticalbeeb 0.1.0 Released

    EDIT: now version 0.3.1 - used scaling (no more cut-off Snapper), changed rendering, slightly fiddled with 6502 core, added [ (LEFTBRACKET) and ] (RIGHTBRACKET) mapping and a .kbd file for Labyrinth showing their use I wanted a BBC Micro emulator that I could hack at and improve, and actually...
  5. critical

    Giz Homebrew

    Hi, I don't really think locking the thread ( is the answer to people being idiots - can't you just ban them? It lets fools dictate discussion otherwise... the message it sends is "if you want to end a topic, just be a prick posting in it"...
  6. critical

    Gp2x Tracker 0.1.0 Released

    I've tidied up the project I'd been looking at a while ago and it's available to play with if you want (as demether asked if there was anything available yesterday). It's in the file archive here:,1,0,0,6,1413 Text from the readme: GP2X Tracker 0.1.0...
  7. critical

    Sdl Scavenger Port For Gp2x Released

    Someone (DemonStar55) asked for a port of this lode runner clone. I applied the patches for later versions of SDL, mapped some buttons, and it's now available: SDL Scavenger GP2X If you take the zip file, unzip it to your SD card's root directory, then run sdlscav on your GP2X you'll see the...
  8. critical

    Computer Games Help Convicts Cope "Oregon's prison system in the US is turning to computer games to help rehabilitate felons. Inmates who have a clean disciplinary record for 18 months are being given a chance to buy a small handheld game console. The gadget has 50 simple...
  9. critical

    Simple Monkeyball-style Sdl Tutorial Game

    There's a great SDL tutorial at this website: The website author created a sample game to take you through the steps of making an SDL game, which I downloaded and played on Windows. It was actually pretty good fun, I thought, so I knocked up a makefile...
  10. critical

    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    uae4allgp2x0.6.0 -------------------- This is an Amiga emulator for the GP2X. It runs quite a lot of games at a reasonable speed with sound. uae4all is Chui's work - I have just changed a few things to make it a bit more convenient to run on the GP2X. This port is maintained by critical...
  11. critical

    Gizmondo Article

    From,00.html "When news emerged that total unknown Gizmondo was launching a handheld games device to compete with 20-year market incumbent Nintendo's DS and giant Sony's PSP, it was obvious they either had something miraculous to unveil, or...
  12. critical

    Gp2x Discussion On Bbc Radio 6 Music

    This morning's BBC 6 Music Radio show had a discussion on the GP2X. You can listen to it here: The feature's at about 01:39:40 onwards. They take the p!ss out of the gizmondo, which is entertaining, and they're quite positive about...
  13. critical

    Spontaneous Gp2x Bricking

    I've read the guide to unbricking at: (, but unfortunately I fear my unit is more bricked than can be salvaged using it. I received my GP2X just before going on holiday last week, so only had time to put a few...