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  1. McLovin

    our own jabber-server!

    Hey everyone. Just had a conversation with ED and he would allow me to host our own jabber daemon on his server. As a reminder: the server shall be a base for our own little gaming community and probably more. Is there still interest? Any special requirements? I'd probably set up an...
  2. McLovin

    Installing apks from sd

    Has someone found a way to circumvent the "installation failed" problem when installing local apks? I have quite a few here, including the ones I made on my own, that are not available from the market.
  3. McLovin

    v6 supercharger

    Has anyone tried to install v6 supercharger on pandora? It has serious impact on some phones, but I'm not sure it would be compatible with the layered design of our android-in-a-pnd
  4. McLovin

    Is this a good time to send pandora to ED for RMA

    My pandora is showing some purple tint in more and more situations. I can still resolve the issue by moving the screen a little, but I fear it won't be long till the issue gets serious. I don't want it to get dusty in some shelter, now that the new kernel made it really enjoyable. So, should I...
  5. McLovin

    our own jabber-server?

    Hey, I'd like to suggest we start our own jabber server. We already had discussions about building up a online-gaming community and all kinds of requests were made. Our own jabber server would be a good starting point for this, I think. For every software, a support/development-chatroom could...
  6. McLovin

    Extending use of the Pandora-Key

    We have a special key, just for us. It's something WE have for ourselves and ports aren't directly using. Why not define a standard-set of combinations that is part of the firmware AND dev's may adopt their software to? What I think about is something like this: Pandora + Power: Reboot...
  7. McLovin

    Pandora How is the Pandora button handled?

    We already have some functionality mapped to the Pandora-Button, like hard-rebooting or activating some scripts. Is all that done on bash-script level or is some functionality (like reboot) in the kernel? PS: I want to create a different behaviour-sheme for the Pandora-Button, that is more...
  8. McLovin

    Wayland as a X replacement... in the future :)

    Would a switch to wayland be feasible? Do we have the needed KMS-support? Might add some performance :)
  9. McLovin

    android ndk compatibility

    Hi everyone. Angry Birds was ported to pandora with some wrapping and runs quite well. There's a bunch of android games not relying on dalvik at all, maybe a general wrapper for those would be possible? Might even be possible to run my unity-based games that way :)
  10. McLovin

    cebit anyone?

    Hey, seems like I'll be at cebit on 10th, might bring my pandora with me.
  11. McLovin

    Release Software tested working with new kernel

    How about creating a list of software working flawlessly with new kernel? Might help tracking down problems. What I tested so far: Super Geometry Dust Giana's Return gpSP pcsxRearmedv13 all seem to run flawlessly
  12. McLovin

    Pandora should leave Angstrom

    I hope this won't end in a war, but still I want to start this discussion. As Hotfix 6 is the last of this kind, I think it's just about time to list pros and cons and define the future. Angstrom doesn't fit this community well. While it's the only system that directy targets our...
  13. McLovin


    Hi. I'm pretty unhappy with wireless networking on my pandora. Builtin wifi was a big selling point for me and it turns out to be no real fun. Recently I connected several wifi-sticks i had lying around, both ralink based, and found I only had to copy the firmwares to /lib/firmware to get...
  14. McLovin

    We, the RedBarons

    We, the RedBarons take registrations for the first ever pandora-clan. Reply in this topic to show that you are a Baron, not some pussy from that other clan. What was it's name again? Anyway, we'll rock their socks of. RedBarons for life!