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    TV out cable

    I'm sure that some will appear one day. But when is anyone's guess. There is a bit of info around the forum on how you could make your own and a few people who might be able to help you get the parts. Making your own is the only quick way for now.
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    Does the Pandora do what you want? For now I'm really enjoying surfing with Fennec and the sound quality through headphones is amazing. I've thrown all sorts of photos, video, games at it and it has handled it all. It is far more portable than a ipad and not locked to what some nameless exec...
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    Forum Francophone OpenPandora

    Tu ai raison!! Nous droite parle francais!!
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    Finally got my Pandora!

    It happened to me. The card was stuck in but still working. So I decided to see if anything else was going to go wrong as I could always just use USB transfer to populate it. Away a week or so later it just popped out on its own and its been fine since.
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    Commonly-Heard Hardware Flaws: Got any?

    My Pandora rocks if you try to push any buttons when its on a flat surface so the case must be wonky. There is a larger gap on the right hand side than the left with regard to the join between the top and bottom sections. I haven't tried tighening the screws as I assume that this would crack the...
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    Using pandora as a regular Ubuntu computer.

    It has been done on a dev board
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    Another Quick Question

    Has anything gone smoothly with this project? Yes they will have the cases, but as the situation at the moment, when will there be anything to put in them? They haven't started fabricating the boards for batch two yet! So while the plan has been that Batch 2 is to follow straight after batch 1...
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    bluetooth gps

    I've got one of those! Unfortunately I don't have a Pandora. I does work with my E63 running Symbian (a favour of Linux) with no problems at all. I don't see any reason that it wouldn't work with a Pandora, but I can't give you a definitive yes (yet).
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    Quick Question

    Its the same RAM, same processor etc. Some issues that plagued the earliest of batch 1 (such as problems with the lcd cable, or the quality of the nubs) have been fixed. Software issues are ongoing as with any operating systems. There won't be a Pandora2 with an increase spec for some time yet...
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    Another Quick Question

    Late December is the current estimate for batch 1 pre-orders dating back to September 2008. The next batch is supposed to follow on straight after batch 1, so if you order now you won't get one until 2011. If everything went smoothly (and it hasn't yet) maybe late February... maybe
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    As frustrated as I am by the delays etc. I STILL find myself wanting to do this. It looks like I may have loads of free time to help out coming up soon too. As above what's the plan?
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    General interest: What field of work are you in?

    I'm a civil engineer these days. I do have a background in IT before that and before that I was a biochemistry lab tech [where I was in the worlds top 10-15 for a scripting language nobody has heard of....yes there were 10-15 of us using it.] Working in a UK government job might mean that I am...
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    I am also interested. Although my wife would think me mad. There have been problems with this project which has lead to confusion and on occasion the feeling that you've been lied to. Although that feeling comes out of the confusion, optimism and possibly an element of spin. Start ups like...
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    DO NOT have Your Pandora yet? Tell Us Your Order Date!

    I ordered at 16:34 (UTC) on September 30th 2008 and I've also been told that I'm 650-750. These queue positions feel somewhat random BUT with returns, the different queues (Craig,ED and Fatih), people 'jumping' the queue by buying one nubbers, press samples and people who have ordered multiple...
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    Dreamcast would be awesome

    It would be awesome if the Pandora could handle Dreamcast emulation. My guess is that the top end Dreamcast games will be out of reach, but I remain hopeful that some titles might be playable. The 'best' way of getting Dreamcast games on the Pandora would be IF they could be ported. Little...
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    I think its going to be a question of which board is busier and perhaps therefore more useful. The two forums will co-exist ok. Look at us all here so we don't miss anything!!
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    A fresh start

    I think this joke runs on the same lines as one or two 'Two Ronnies' sketches. I can't honestly say that I've got it, but I think I understand how it works. Its not what you typed its how it sounds. Another bad joke There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary and...
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    Assembled OpenPandora pics, Finally

    How long until I can play worms on it? :wink:
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    3G on Pandora

    I remember the idea of adding HMDI support ran into that issue. Seems logical that it would also be a problem for 3G. Got a cheap 3G modem for those times when I can't find a free hotspot :wink:
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    3G on Pandora

    I think that the problem with building in 3G was more to do with licensing issues than the cost of the silicon to achieve it. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that from a previous thread.