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    Excessive Alcohol And Body Odour

    i've never known anything like this before :blink: extended 3 day drinking sessiion over the weekend - probably about 40 or 50 cans over 3 days... anyway i woke up on sunday to the worst smell EVER! i thought my cat had pissed on my bed or something, only WORSE! i didn't know where the smell...
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    Interesting Thing I Found On The Internet...
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    What Should I Put On My Smc?

    it's 128meg and at the moment it's full of stuff i don't use... i'm thinking i'd like to try some homebrew stuff... anyone got any suggestions?
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    Linux Gp

    like it says... what can you do with GP linux? not much apart from looking at a penguin with a hat on, or have we suddenly got hundreds of linux programs to use?
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    Why Nintendo Ds Won't Be A Commercial Success...

    because i like it. it happened with the dreamcast, gamecube and GP32... believe me, if you want a commercially successful console/handheld, ask me what i'm buying and then get the other one :P :S
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    it's an emulator for text-adventures and it only works if you've got a chatboard... hehehe :D edit: in case i'm unclear... i *love* this idea... who was selling chatboards again? edit again: whoops! didn't know there was already a thread for this... merge this with it, please... :)
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    what happened? what apps are being redone for the mod? (did i hear frodo?)
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    C64 Emulator That Plays Ancipital...

    that's one of my wishes...
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    Yeti 3d

    just tried it, and doesn't it look so nice... :)
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    New Game From K2yaa...

    I'm thinking it looks like a side-scrolling schoolgirl beat 'em up (a la sailor moon), or possibly a dating simulation <_< a thought? anyone?
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    tobi drummer- where to get it

    i thought it was in the adic 2003, but i can't find it. can someone help please?
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    GP32 my new idea for a gp32 original game...

    it can be done using the gigas engine as a base... or something... the gameplay is a bit like a cross between harvest moon/animal crossing, the sims, and pokemon. players have a fully customisable plot of land and a house that they can put things in... (items will have a graphic, and a...
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    how cool is this?

    :ph34r: ninja suits :ph34r:
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    don't have every sample as a hit, let us set sample start and stop... and allow us to use long samples... we'll take care of the loops...
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    e-mailing small developers...

    i was thinking... seeing as we are all desparate for commercial-grade software, might it not be a good idea to e-mail suitable developers, tell them of our situation, and see what they think? see if they'll do a port (which hopefully shouldn't take too much time, nor will they need to release...
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    nintendo with something new at E3...

    virtual boy 2 would be sweeeet :)
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    guess i'm gonna have to buy a whole new SMC for this :P :P :P MOST WANTED!!! :ph34r:
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    Darnit :(

    tried everything short of a windows reinstall :(
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    when's FinalFantasyXI out in uk/europe?

    cause it looks so cool :)
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    gamepark console

    they should release a 1 gigahertz console with cd-writer, hardware 3d, and some sort of internet/network addon... if they did it right, it could replace every console i've got except the gamecube :) and it could have the title of 'most powerful console in the world' (i'm not counting the...