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  1. Enslaved

    For Sale: Gp32 Nlu + 128mb Smc + Carrying Case

    *SOLD* Purchased christmas 2003, pretty good condition. I can flash it with a new firmware. 50USD (obo) + shipping. I am in Canada. *SOLD*
  2. Enslaved

    Gpx2 Slashdotted

    Prepare for the morons.
  3. Enslaved

    Non-lit Gp32 200mhz With 128mb Card.

    Hi, I haven't touched my Non-Lit GP32 in ages and want to sell it. It overclocks to 200+Mhz and is in good condition. I'm also selling the 128MB card with it and the GBA carrying case I've been using. I'm thinking its worth about 130$ US. PM me with any offers.
  4. Enslaved

    Emulation Wikibook

    A wikibook has been put up about emulation. Its pretty much empty, I think we should maybe contribute to it. I already added a GP32 chapter but still haven't had the time to fill it in.
  5. Enslaved

    Who's Getting Timesplitters Future Perfect?

    Well since its coming out in a couple days worldwide, I decided to see whos getting it. EDIT- Poll should say "Are you" insted of "Who's"
  6. Enslaved

    Angelina Jolie Is A Man.

    And any guy who thinks shes hot is a homosexual.
  7. Enslaved

    My Gp32 Was Stolen!

    Yesterday, like everyday, I brought my GP32 to school. But when I left school, It wasn't in my bag. I thought I might have left it in my room but no. I wen't on MSN to see if the only person who knows my locker combo took it, he said no. This morning I looked in my locker and it wasn't there. I...
  8. Enslaved

    New Section!

    Hurray for GPLinux getting its own section.
  9. Enslaved

    Resident Evil: Apocolipse.

    I was going to see it but the plans were scrapped so I just wan't to know how good it is. I think it looks quite shit.
  10. Enslaved

    Half-life 2 Gold On Monday.

    Yeah thats right, one of the most anticipated games of the past 2-3 years is finally going to be in our hands (or hardrives if you get it with steam). Proof is here.
  11. Enslaved

    New Gp32linux Propaganda!

    NVM! Its in the topic below! Sorry I should have looked first. Good news anyhow :D
  12. Enslaved

    Calculator Port Poll

    Hey it has been requested alot of times and people say it wouldn't be "usefull" (but garbage like GPGirl is?). There are many open source calculators available and I will post their sourceforge pages here so if any programmers see enough intrest will pick up the project. These are the only ones...
  13. Enslaved

    Cd Ripping

    Hey, whats the best program to rip music off of a CD? Im planning on backing up my entire CD collection and buring onto 1 CD (Im gonna use OGG Vorbis). I used DbPowerAmp but that makes it so It rips like at the begining and end of the other songs too so its inacurrate and loses parts of songs...
  14. Enslaved

    Whatever Happened Too Topic.

    Hey, this can be the whatever happend too topic. In it we ask the community non annoying things that yo know the answer too about a project that was forgotten or not updated in a while. Always search the forum before asking. My question is whatever happened to the GP32 linux?
  15. Enslaved

    Bor Mod List

    This is the unofficial Bor Mod List! Just tell me what mods there are and I will add here! Give info like its compatability, a small review, a screen and download link. Screens for most of the mods comming soon! I will update this almost daily so dont worry. All of these mods can be downloaded...
  16. Enslaved

    Porting/remaking/ideas Faq

    Ports require source code. What is source code? Source code is what makes up a program. Freeware programs may or may not have this available. Commericial programs will NOT. Example of code: int x = 0; for (; x < 320; x+=30) {   TextOut(0,x, "PORTS REQUIRE SOURCE CODE"); } Code cannot...
  17. Enslaved


    The new gMAME is emulationg all z80 games. The z80 is a chip so what other chips exist and what games use them? If he were to port the next chipset, which would profit us with the most games?
  18. Enslaved

    Ext Connectors

    Hey, is there a place where I can buy the ext connectors, I'm planning on moding a worm light so I can play in bed. It would be great if mashmods for example could buy some in bulk and sell them each for whatever there worth to anyone who wants to buy them. It would be great because people often...
  19. Enslaved

    Dawn Of The Dead

    I saw dawn of the Dead last night and it was the best zombie movie ive ever seen! Its what the shitty 28 days later should have been!
  20. Enslaved

    Free Movies

    This can be a list of movies you can legally download for free and then encode with virtualdub. Put the title, a small description and the url. Heres the first one! Ornaments the movie - A christmas themed movie (I haven't watched it yet) I also found this site, it has tons of free movies...