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  1. geo12

    Last Of The Mahicans (?)

    So I pre-ordered a Pandora on the first day, and just as I was getting worried, I got my confirmation e-mail earlier today! Any other first-dayers out there, or was I the last one (hopefully!)?
  2. geo12

    File Recovery Software

    My external hard drive failed (it's recognized by the computer but says it needs to be formatted), and I'm looking for software to try to recover the files. Recover My Files seems to be the popular one, but I'm not really willing to pay $70 for it <_< . Does anyone know of any other good (and...
  3. geo12

    Psx Savestates Keep Getting Corrupted!

    I started Final Fantasy VII with psx4gp2x beta 4, got about ten hours into the game, and then both of the slots I was saving to failed to load one day. I was pretty annoyed, but when the beta 5 came out, I figured I'd try again and started from the beginning. Well, the same exact thing happened...
  4. geo12

    Converting Savestates?

    I was just wondering if there was any way to convert savestates from OS9XGP on the GP32 (in .ZA# format) to PocketSNES on the GP2X (in .sa# format). I tried renaming the files, but that didn't work. I got pretty far in some games on the GP32, and don't want to have to start them over from the...
  5. geo12

    Annoying Sd Problem

    Not sure if it is the SD card or some computer software problem, but each time I try to delete large(700mb) video file from my 2 gig card, it says "access denied" and the card is either write protected or the file is in use. The card is definitely not write protected because I am able to delete...
  6. geo12

    Game Glitches

    Does anyone else find fatal game glitches on a regular basis. I'm beginning to think that the games are after me. When playing Resident Evil 4, during the mine cart scene, my cart got stuck and the zombies just stopped trying to attack me. My friend let me borrow The Sims for the DS, and the...
  7. geo12


    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to pm me an invitation code to (I don't think that is against the rules of but if it is, please tell me. I don't want to get flamed over this!)
  8. geo12

    Windows Sucks. . . Is Linux Better?

    Well, I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 with windows XP, and this is the third time I'v had to format the computer because of viruses. So, I just wanted to know if there was a better, more stable operating system (perhaps Linux) so that this will not happen again. All I really need is a good program...
  9. geo12


    Not to complain, but when was the last time the Gp32 links page updated? Most of the sites listed on there aren't even around anymore. Would be nice to see an update. :)
  10. geo12

    Mmf For Gp32

    Not to be annoying, but has anyone heard anything new about MMF for gp32?
  11. geo12

    Gp32 In Game Informer

    I was just reading throught the new issue of Game Informer for july, and on page 134 there is a picture of the GP32. The caption reads: "The obsure Gamepark GP32 handheld never even saw release in the U.S." In the article it basically said that it was a poor attempt to compete with the GBA <_<
  12. geo12

    Gp32 Intro

    I remember seeing this last year, but i cant find the post. . . I am currently running multifirmware on my gp32, and the other day i thought back to when i first got my GP32 and that intro screen that first came up when you turned it on and now i sort of miss it. Is there a way I can get the...
  13. geo12

    Comming To London

    Tomorrow im leaving for London for a week. Im saying at St. James place. It would be really great if some of you locals could tell me where some things i must see, and places to go. I can't wait, it sounds like such a great place!! ^_^
  14. geo12

    Ipod Clone Can i use this MP3 player with the gp32, or is it only the 20 gig one? Also, since i live in america, will i not be able to charge it? Sorry, i dont read german :(
  15. geo12

    Weird Golden Sun

    My friend got Golden Sun (apparently from his chinese friend). The game is in english but when you start up the game instead of going to the game menu (new game, load, etc.) it automatically starts a new game. There is also 2 stickers on the back with chinese (or japanese, idk) writing on them...
  16. geo12

    Ps2 Help

    This is not the right board to post about this, but i dont know of any other sites: I have HD advance on my PS2 and want to use FAPlink to transfer files to my HDD via my wireless connection. How do you find out what our PS2 IP adress is?
  17. geo12

    Compiling Help Please

    I cant compile with fenix for some reason. The compiler built into the fenix desktop editor says somethink about there being to many ends, I cannot open FXC (a DOS screen flashes for a second and then closes) and the compiler in Flamebird says "helloworld.dcb no found" Could sombody please help...
  18. geo12

    Liksang=rip Off

    Last year, a few days before Christmas, I ordered an GP32 flu system from Barely 2 months later, the flu died. I e-mailed the company multiple times but they replied back saying "Because you have had the system over 2 months the warrenty is void." GRRR! In the beginning of...
  19. geo12

    Hcq On Windows

    wat's the easiest way to start an HCQ file on my windows XP?
  20. geo12


    This may be a really dumb question cause i am new to the PS2 scene but do you need a mod chip for this?