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  1. troy

    BRING IT DOWN! Coming to Pyra in 2021

    I'm hoping to get my Pyra shipping notification some time in the next few weeks, but I have already started the porting process on BRING IT DOWN!, a FPS Physics puzzle game where the objective is to raze some buildings with unconventional tools. More info and video of it running on the Pyra is...
  2. troy

    Pyra Screen

    The main page says it's 720p & has a 5ms response time, is there a part number for this screen? I'm wondering if it's an IPS or TN panel.
  3. troy

    Inertia Overdrive - A Pyra Game/Tech Demo

    Hey all, After lots of inner turmoil I decided to start working on a tech demo for the Pyra since a lot of people have been calling the hardware overly-outdated which I don't think is true at all. Inertia Overdrive is a gles 2.0 powered game that targets native 720p, 60fps on the Pyra. If...
  4. troy

    Pyra Repo

    I'm assuming the Pyra will have a repo similar to the pandora, with paid apps and all. I haven't seen any information on this though, would love to see something with a clean ui.
  5. troy

    Pyra Pyra-optimized engines

    Are there any game engines that will be able to use stuff like the M4s? Would love to squeeze as much power as possible out of it.