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    Some Ideas...

    i heard somewhere that GPLinux can play flash... might be worth a try, argeng...
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    What is your avatar of?

    did you know hulk hogan's real name was terry hogan? "I told him, 'I know this isn't your first BBQ, But you better act like you don't know how to cook, or it's going to be curtains for your skinny little ass," (hulk to his teenage daughter's new date) ;) :D :P :D
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    What is your avatar of?

    looks shite all like spiderman... unless spiderman's decided to go yellow and orange while i was away...
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    papapopalung is a character created by my stepbrother... imagine the pygmy jungle-tribe cheiftain version of papa smurf, who pops a lot of lungs - don't know what a lung is? here's a clue... papapopalung has a helper... popalittlelung... destined to remain a figment, i fear... anyway, i...
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    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    which took how long? :D ;)
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    Hi All

    i don't think you'll be disappointed :) is that way of the exploding fist? :D
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    Asciipaint 0.1

    i wrote an ASCIIpaint in vic-20 BASIC once years ago :D it's class when you get something working and decent, innit? :)
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    ???how Can I Start A C64 Game?

    yeah use the "LOAD d64/dir browser" in the menu and ten press the corresponding letter with the virtual keyboard... "load first program" doesn't guarantee you the menu on multi-game discs :)
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    Rattboi Interview

    hehehe :wacko: :P :D IT'S LIAM GALLAGHER!!! :o :o :o
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    Thread X

    she's not good for you mate. :(
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    sebastian was toasting and he knows it, that's why he's been winking so often :P on a related note, is there a fxe i can put on my gp32 that lets me move files? COMI says it's not implemented yet...
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    Gravity Related Games !

    that's no normal string, dude :o
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    hire a van :) and get some people to help.
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    What is your favourite letter of the alphabet?

    M. it's symmetrical! :D
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    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    yeah sonic for snes is homebrew. and pretty shit :/ my vote goes for 'predator' on the amstrad cpc. played through the first level and had to load in level 2 from tape with one life left... died 3 seconds after it loaded, THEN IT WANTED ME TO REWIND THE TAPE TO THE BEGINNING AND LOAD THE...
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    GP32 Calling All Gp32 Developers

    surely a exe-fxe converter wouldn't be so hard for dos programs pre-1994? an x86-arm converter, something to make noises, and a standardised virtual keyboard and mouse/key>button mapper... vga resolution is 320x240, innit?
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    Is There News About Any Vns?

    nice one. cheers.
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    Hey Hey 16k! Great Mp3!

    just check the flash ;) we bought it to help with your homework! :D
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    Is There News About Any Vns?

    it would be nice to have a PC editor/creator with a GUI. at the moment you have to edit a textfile, am i right?