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    Man, i dont know what the f*** happpened!!! i was uploading some south park episodes to the smc and later on, i get this error message on the gpdev program i was using to transfer the files "timed out" ok, nothing unusual but since then, i cant seem to do anything with my gp :blink: I turned...
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    Euro Fw

    Did anyone flashed the bios with the euro firmware (the beta test on the gamepark site) and tried gpcinema? i flashed my gp with it and gpcinema is rebooting from time to time. By the way, can anyone tell me a good firmware to intall please?? Which one do you use? (by the way, one that allows...
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    Hi I was reading the readme file on aquasih lastest mfw version and he was saying that pc-link will probably not work on this mfw. Can you tell if the older versions had this problem too or its just this one? Thanks
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    What´s This???

    When im viewing some clips on gpcinema, after a while it just resets!! Same thing happens if i use fast forward option for more than 5 sec. Its not because of the gpcinema frequency, same thing happens on 100mhz or 166mhz, its not from the encoding (matrix trailer some times reboot) and its not...
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    Best Game Ever

    I know there are many games, but surely everyone has its favorites. My question is, in your opinion, what are the 3 best games ever (console, arcade,pc,etc) My pick goes to 1-Street Fighter 2 - Arcade 2-Pro-Evolution Soccer 3 (best footy ever!!) - PC 3-Super Mario 64 - Super Nintendo And...
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    Gpcinema Help

    Hi everybody. I downloaded gpcinema a few days ago. I tested the matrix trailer, it runs veeeeeery good!!! I was surprised with the high quality of the rip and the smoothness. Here´s the thing, i wanted to do my own rips, i used virtual dub, tried with a bunch of settings for the rip (found a...
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    Mame Help!!!!!!

    Hi Here´s whats going on....i downloaded some games for mame, some of them worked, others kept asking for some specific files to work like sfix.sfx. I made a web research and discovered that these files were part of a neo geo bios that I should download and unzip to the roms directory. The...
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    Bor Mods

    Where can i find bor mods? Can anyone give me a link? Thanks
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    Amiga Emulator??

    IS there a chance of an Amiga emu on the GP32? Or there´s one on th way or something? That would be great cuz the amiga as hundreds of great games and if by chance an emu would turn up, that would definitely boost the gp32 even further, don´t you think??? :lol:
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    Hi i just received my gp32 2 days ago. Everything went fine but then , yesterday, this happens: i was plaiyng doom and suddendly my gp32 went off! then , when i tried to power it up again, the gp32 logo appears and then it makes a really weird noise and shuts off!! :o I dont think its the...
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    Best Firware

    In your opinion, whats the best and most functional firmware that you would recommend and why?? I just wanna now what to put on my Gp :P
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    hI Since im new here, and just got my gp32, i have a question, well, more like a doubt. What exactly a firmware does to your gp32?? I know its an operating system, but besides that, what are the improvements concerning the original operating system of the gp32? Also, with a new firmware, can...