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    Electronia Now For The Gp2x!

    When I announced that I was bringing all my GP32 games to the GP2x, I know many of you were waiting for the one you liked the most. Without further ado, Electronia for the GP2X _with_ the added HighScore board that many asked for. Due to the...
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    GP2X Gp32 To Gp2x Sound....?

    Ok, somewhere along the lines I lost the actual WAV files for the SFX in one of my GP32 games. When developing for the GP32 I had to use a special tool to dump the WAV into a header file like: QUOTE const unsigned char SFX_Gameover[54144] = { 0x80, 0x80, 0x7F, 0x7F, 0x80, 0x80, 0x80...
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    Perfectfit Now For The Gp2x!

    Ok, PerfectFit, many of you loved this game on the GP32, here it is now for the GP2X. Controls are Simple X+Direction: (while over a movable block) moves the block in that direction. Cursor stays put. B+Direction: (while over a movable block) moves the block in that direction. Cursor...
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    Gpsquares Now For The Gp2x!

    I posted this earlier in news, but it didnt get added and the link on the main page is broken (did something happen?) So here it is: GPSquares was my first GP32 game, as such its fitting that it become my first GP2x game! This isnt so much of a port as a complete rewrite from the ground up...
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    Gpsquares Now For The Gp2x!

    As some of you know, I am in the process of porting (more like rewriting) my GP32 games for the GP2X. It seems only fitting that my first GP32 game, becomes my first GP2X game. Its not much, but here is GPSquares!
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    GP2X Any Other Solution Than Sdl?

    The GP32 had a official graphics libs, they were built in to the GP32s firmware, does the GP2x have this? I hate SDL, and the idea of requiring more dependencies doesnt sit well with me, and would like to use built in functions where available. I have been reading the wiki, and I cant find any...
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    GP2X Arm-linux Binary To Fxe/gxb?

    Ok, I downloaded the GP2x toolchain build script, installation went well, I applied the SDL package, and my app compiles, but it compiles to an ARM-Linux binary...not something that the GP2x can use. What tool do I use to convert it?
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    What Is The Buit-in Really?

    Ok, just getting my GP2x in the mail, I plugged it into my USB port, wiped the built in games, and started putting files there for my initial foray into GP2x dev. One of my folders, however, is corrupt. In Linux, the folder wont show up, and write access to the built in storage in disabled...
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    Situation Updated!

    Two major updates! First, my GP32 site is back up, with downloads for my released games. The link is still in my signature. And second apparently the great folks over at are fans of my work, because I now have a GP2x unit for development! First, I will be porting my...
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    Hey All, Been Awhile!

    Remember me? Yeah some of you do! Anyway, in about a month I will find myself with a large amount of free time and I was thinking about getting back into GP development (and even release a game or two that I finished for the original GP32 and didnt release). Trouble is money is tight right...
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    Gp32 Flu 166mhz With Accessories For Sale

    Selling my GP32, its a FLU, perfect condition (I take very good care of it), has had both the 166mhz voltage mod and the glass screen replacement mod, includes the GP32<->PC cable, a high speed SMC reader/writer, a 128 MB SMC and a power adapater to plug it into the wall. For the price, all I...
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    Perfectfit Inquiries

    Hey all, its been awhile since the inital release of PerfectFit. It was a great success and many of you just loved it to no end. (many of you are still enjoying it even now) If you havent noticed yet, PerfectFit can use any number of level packs (each level pack can contain upto 256 levels)...
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    Windows Xp - Self Help

    Self-Help Self-help is a funny name for something rather dangerous. It's mentioned in UCITA - the consumer code for software licensing that's up for ratification in 48 of the "united" states (it's been ratified by two). Both self-help and UCITA are meeting with considerable resistance - from...
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    We brought you GPSquares, and PerfectFit, now heres something new to play with! Electronia is the third game developed by me for the GP32 platform. Its a strategic puzzle style game with multiple play modes. The inital game style was based on the PC game Rocket Mania. However it is _much_...
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    Mashmods Voltage Mod And Screen Replacement

    I just got my GP32 back from mash, I had the Voltage Mod and Screen Replacement mod done to it, and for those of you who wanted to know. The voltage mod is perfect, it does all it claims to be. Previously I could only stablely OC to 140mhz (I could goto 146 but it would lock up at random), now...
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    Geepee32 & Linux

    I hated going back to windows just to test my GP32 games. And I didnt want to do that whole GP32 <-> PC thing to test the game on real hardware via the PC Link. (requires a bios flash and I am too paranoid for that). Not to mention my GP32 is still on its way back from mash. So, in a last...
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    Website For My Projects!

    Thanks to the generosity of I now have a place to host a website deticated to my GP32 projects (which also gives me a server to host the downloads on!). I was going to wait until I released my next couple games before I announced the site, but what the hell. Here it is...
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    Something Really!

    NO INSULTS INTENDED! I've found it odd that people put NOSPAM or NO_SPAM, NO.SPAM, _NO_SPAM_, etc in their email addresses (I see this EVERYWHERE), now obviously this is to prevent email harvesters from getting your email automatically, but can these people actually think that the email...
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    Deus Ex - Invisible War

    To any who have not played this game, I _HIGHLY_ recommend you do so. The game is very UNlinear, you have free will, (you can decide whos tasks you want to do, where you want to go, and how to do it), you can pretty much wander anywhere you like, take any course of action in the game, complete...
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    GP32 A Bit Of Math

    Ok, as you all know the GP32 uses a 16bit palette, that is in the form of R5 G5 B5 I1 Now I need to manually generate these palette values, (the palettes use unsigned short's) from 3 separate byte values (the R G & B individual values). What would be the best way to do this? (note I am using...