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    Can Anybody Recomend Me Any Good Anime?

    I've had quite alot of time on my hands latley and started watching quite alot of anime. I've watched my way though Air tv, Death Note, Chobits, Bleach(not all of them yet) quite alot of naruto, most of the studio gibli films... anything any of you guys would recomend?
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    Looking For A New Mp3 Player.

    Ok so my birthdays commin up and I'm looking to buy myself a new Mp3 player i'm looking to spend around £50 so I was wondering if any of you knew any good deals?
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    Herd Any Good Jokes Recently?

    You lot all seem to have a good sense of humor lets hear a few jokes. :rolleyes: EDIT: Bugger I spelt heard wrong.
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    Which Sd Card Shoud I Go For?

    Ok so I've found these two cards this Kingston one andthis Viking one they are the same price only the Viking one I'm going to have to wait for a week untill it gets in stock (but that doesent really bother me I can wait). Which is the better make? Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Cool Band Names.

    I've started a band with some of my mates (I'm rythm guitar) and were kinnda stuck for names were dooing some metallica and iron maiden covers that kinnda stuff. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas thanks in advance.
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    :D SMOSH :D The Transformers one is my favorite
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    Text Files

    I'm going on a long train journey tomorow any body know any good sites for free interesting text files/e-books/audio books? thanks in advance
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    Loading... Please Waiting

    Anybody noticed this error on the video loading screen 'Loading..... Please Waiting' I just a little bored and decided to point that out for you. *relises just how sad he is*
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    Neo-geo Roms

    The copy of Mslug I downloaded (I own the original so I hope I'm right in guessing it was legal) contained 9 realplayer files is this what the folder should contain because they're not showing up on gngeo2x. Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Cool Thought For A Game

    I had a strange dream last night in which Jesus stole my nose and then It came to me.... a remake of that cool card game from final fantasy 8 I can not code but just putting the idea out there. would be cool to see it happen. :D
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    Gp2x Cary Case

    I was thinking of buying a GP2X carry case instead of using the Gp32 one I got free from Gbax. I wanted to know just how protective they are 'enough for a trip to school in the bottom of my bag?' thanks for any help in advance.
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    Commercial Games??

    I was wondering if there would be any commercial games relised for the gp2x after the official release any clues?
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    Cannt Get Gnuboy To Run

    I have my file called and am trying to run the gb.gpe but when I load it the screen just flashes pink and goes back to the menu. Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any help in advance.
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    My Halo Skin.

    Just thought I'd tell you all that I've posted my Halo skin on the file archive you can get it here......My Halo skin Hope you like I't please leave feedback if you do or e-mail me @
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    Which Skin Do You Guys Want?

    I have just finished my Final fantasy 7 skin (and am quite proud of it check it out with the link in my signature) I was wondering as I want to make more what would you guys want my next skin to be based on?
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    My Final Fantasy 7 Skin

    I finaly worked out how to post it on the archive, then spellt my own name wrong LOL :) (I'm such a spaz) It's meant to say Lettuce dude (Ellis williams) not Willimas but anyway you can download it here........ My ff7 skin :)
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    New Flash Player For Gp2x

    Nickspoon seems to of made a flash player for the gp2x YEY!!! Nick spoons flash player
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    Uploading My Skin To The File Archive

    Hi I've just finished my Final Fantasy 7 skin for the gp2x and have been trying to upload it to the file archive to share with others. When I try to upload the skin it wont let me put on a whole folder just single files which means I cant post it. Can anybody tell me how the have posted whole...
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    My Ff7 Skin.

    Hey I've finaly finished my Final Fantasy 7 skin. It's a mix of Backgrounds from the original game and screens from Advent Children. How do I post it on the file archive to share with others? Thanks for any help in advance :)
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    Ff7 Skin. How Do I Make One?

    Sorry ignore me I've done it now check it out with the link in my signature.