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    Ps One Mod Chipped + Disks

    Ok guys... your advice please... I got a classic PS One mod chipped with about 80 disks + NTSC conversion software... plays everything you throw at it - never had a problem... 2 controllers, Scart lead etc etc etc ... missus says I got to sell it :o What price shall I put on it? Does...
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    Wanted: Gp32 Flu Or Blu

    hi... to all of those needing the cash for a GP2x :-) friend of mine needs to get hold of a GP32 FLU or BLU (to stop him playing mine!) let me know prices etc... posting to UK please merry xmas friends sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Soliel Drmd Latest

    Anyone else have the same problem with soliel and random crashing on drmd latest? or is it just a bad rom? I cant seem to find a decent dump of this mines labled [h3] sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Gp32 144mhz Any Good?

    hi guys need your help again... I have a 166mhz Flu - and I have been looking to buy one for my son... theres one available at 144mhz - but im worried it wont play very well at that speed? what do guys think - will this speed limit its performance any? hes gonna want to play drmd, gpengine...
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    Stuck On Doom! - Help

    hi guys... played up to level 7 or 8 (cant remember which) on ultimate doom! and I got stuck on the level with the star pentagram and the two minotaurs at the end - I get dead in a matter of seconds... any one know what im doing wrong? hope you can help - I dont fancy picking up a ton of...
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    9 Ball Pool Games?

    anyone know anu good 9 ball pool games? done side pocket on GB and mame any others I could try? sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Cheap Gp32 Wanted For My Son

    I have a nice FLU which is my pride and joy - my son is a little less careful with his toys than me (ive seen the way he treats his gba!) - so Im thinking of getting a backup GP for him to play on! ill pay... NON LIT £30 - £40 ish (missed one at £28 on ebay few days ago!) FLU £40 - £60 ish...
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    GP32 Gp32 Sudoku??

    would be nice
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    Average Age Of Gp32 Owners!

    does just what it says on the tin!
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    Pce Games Help!

    all this talk of a PCE update has forced gpengine back onto my SMC cant understand what all the fuss is about the SNES emu -PCE is really all you need I have pretty complete pce archives yet there seen to be some definate missing items!! (could be that my archive is all HU cards) like...
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    Shots And Text Help

    hi... shooter nearly done... im just converting the mouse controls i used (for my pc) to gp 32 controls... ive use x=mouse.x o track the shot process and the ship how do i make the shot track to the ship - after i have used If (key (_right)) x=x+5; End If (key (_left)); x=x-5; End...
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    Starcraft (not Spacecraft!)

    i meant starcraft!!! was this ported to console - or is it just a pc game? id love a strategy game like this! my coding skills arnt past shooter games yet! sPaCe
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    ignor this post... I am eternally stupid... sPaCe :ph34r:
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    More Help...

    im doing ok guys thanks for all your help! I have a shooter that works kinda :blink: im having trouble getting transparent backgrounds on my sprites! can anyone suggest how to do this? Is it some code I need or is it editing in paintshop pro? sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Flu, Blu, Smoo! Blu+ Fault = Rubbish!

    I know ive been as guilty as anyone for anti-BLU+ bias (I bought a FLU when I couldve bought BLU+)... think people are only reading the first page of the current faq... we have to stop the BLU+ = fault rumor - - and find a way to let people know they are OK and just as well supported as all...
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    Div Studio Compatible With Fenix?

    I have a tutorial which looks good from the old div studio and im wondering how much use it will be??... am I right in thinking that this is the old version of Fenix? is it compatible or is it completetly different? sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Graphics Help

    Im progressing ok with Fenix... reading up and learning the theory - I want to put it into practice now :D ok i want to make a maze game... like bomberman! I think I can get to grips with the code (beg steal and borrow it) once the graphics are sorted... questions i need your help with...
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    Super Street Fighter Ii X For Matching Service

    Hi... just got this for DC - plays clasic SF2!! yay antone ever notive the characters names are messed up? i.e Balrog is M Bison etc! >>>???
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    Newbie Fenix Question - Flambird Probs

    Im going thru marks tutorial/artical in the shiney new GPM!!! I just want to contribute!! Ive written out my code in flamebird "hello world" - but when i go to compile it it says: "Fenix directory is not configuered or does not exist" I have tried to point flamebird to the runtime with no...
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    right! I know bout the savestate problem... have read all the threads i can... i know not to change my smc around if i want to keep save states... my question is about games which have an in built save option - IE zelda dx etc... after filling in my name in one of the three save slots, Zelda...