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    Native Ports Of Classic Fps's

    quake runs pretty great for me, and so does duke3d (that one running through ginge). aside from duke i'm not sure how well certain games run using ginge, but if they run as good as duke they should be fine.
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    Supported Usb Controllers?

    my ps3 controller works fine.
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    Im Considering A Caanoo (Or Wiz)

    sms & gg are running very well on my caanoo.
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    Mame And Other Emu Help

    as for the controller, did you activate the usb drive in the settings? it wouldn't detect my ps3 controller until i did that.
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    Just Got It, No Idea Where To Start.

    i had a similar problem with gpsp recently. i'd select it and the screen would go black and freeze up. the solution, for me, was updating the firmware. i went from 1.0.1 to l.0.6. now gpsp runs like a dream.
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    Mame And Firmware Help.

    ill just continue to try different methods, something has to work out eventually. i appreciate all the help.
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    Mame And Firmware Help.

    so i tried to do the firmware, and came up with nothing again. I placed the caanoo firmware 1.5.0 file onto the root of my memory stick (2gb and earlier I had tried my 4gb), booted the system holding R, and the selection screen came up like normal. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I'm...
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    Mame And Firmware Help.

    thank you for the help, i was able to get a memory card and get to a pc to put the firmware on. After my caanoo is fully charged I'll try it out. I'll see if that fixes most/any of my problems.
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    Mame And Firmware Help.

    I just recently received my caanoo (which is awesome) but I'm having some troubles. I tried my best for over a day to work things out so I didn't have to bother anyone with helping me out, but I came up with no solutions. I have 3 problems, and they are: - I've installed the gbsp (GBA emulator)...