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    Possible Youtube Alternative

    There is a project called minitube that aims to be a standalone youtube viewer with no flash required. Source code is provided, but I'm not a dev so no idea if this could be ported. Any takers?
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    The Pandora Will Be Ready For You;

    There is a talented, dedicated team of people working hard to bring you a very special product. Are you working hard to be ready for it? Think of it this way: Jessica Biel, in gadget form, is going to show up on your doorstep in less than a month. Take a personal inventory - will you be...
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    A Preview Of Rdesktop On An N800

    My first post here; be nice. To help pass the time, I broke out my Nokia N800 and managed to get rdesktop (with pyrdesktop GUI) and hamachi running. Now I can (pretty) securely view any of my machines over LAN or the web. The refresh is sufficiently quick, the resolution is surprisingly...