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    games gameloft sega on pandora

    Hi Can you tell me if you havve tested gameloft and sega on android pandora ? Ex asphalt 5 virtua tennis crazy taxi ... Lolo
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    android market problem

    Hi I have install gingerbread is very nice I have problem with android market with several application I download application but don t install Message it s not posskble on usb and sd card I have delete android secure file but i have a same problem I have delete cache android market...
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    Nub breaking

    Hi I have break on nub pandora and i have try stick nub. The nub is stick but don't move It is possible to change nub damaged Lolo
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    Problem google market and Pandora under gingerbread

    Hello I have a problem with google market my pandora is not compatible I have create a gmail account but i have problem with synchro. I open google market he ask me a google account i say yes but he shut done Can you help me ? You have the same problem ? Lolo
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    Open pandora PCB 1 ghz no boot

    Hi evil You have receive my pandora march 14 for problem booting pcb I think that you have to have a lot of work Can you indicate me one deadlines of repair ? If you have a problem I can add some money for the repair or the change i think buy Pandora 1 ghz complete but is little expensive...
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    pandora 1ghz don t start

    Hi I have buy a pandora pcb 1 ghz but i have problem with Pcb 1 ghz dont start I have problem with connector lcd. The close connector is out of his emplacement But the pcb dont run no led red or green nothing Have you the same problem ? Can you help me ? Thanks Lolo
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    port mupen 64 optimized

    Hello The n64 port is very good but we don t have new release in 2012 i would like play with mario tennis and other it is possible a new release in 2012 thanks lolo
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    Pandora Case Problem

    Hi, i like my pandora but i have problem with pandora case. Every time I open my pandora, the plastic rubs between the part screen and of the keyboard of the pandora ( . it's no very important but damage Have you the same problem ? Thanks
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    OpenBor Pandora For Pickle

    hi pickle, i have problem with openbor pandora. It's very curious when i put one bor in paks, openbor run directly with one game. If i put two bor in paks folder the game don't run. i give the temp openbor rm : cannot remove /tmp/cpuspeed': no such file or directory not mounted on loop...
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    My Pandora Is Crashed

    Hi, I do a release on hotfix 4 but my pandora don't run on linux after reboot. i have a screen launch and after a black screen. Thanks for your help Laurent
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    Openbor Pandora Don't Run

    Hi I am very happy i have my pandora. I try openbor ver pandora but the pak file don't run. I have the sreeen menu openbor with pak file but they don't run. it s the same thing for ginge openbor wiz. Can you help me please. An other question, the hotfix correction increase the compatibility...
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    Dingoo Pixel Mod

    Anybody knows dingoo's pixel modes and how change it using SDL or framebuffer for avoid shifts per pixel: RGB1555 ? Thanks :)
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    Dingoo Picodrive For Notaz

    Hello, i like picodrive 1.35 on dingux. You can release a new version to play with virtua racing ? (1.56 or 1.80) thanks Laurent